On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


48. Rendevouz in Iceland

 She walked out the door with a lot of other people, she was looking for Tom, he should be easy to spot due to his hight. she walked slowly eager tomfind him.
 There he was, he was leaning on a pillar a little while away, she hurried toward her, and when he spotted her, he closed the gap between them with a couple of long strides, pulling her into his arms.
 "Oh how I've missed you Anna". He just held her very close, and she enjoyed feeling his strong arms around her.
 "I missed you to". She hid her face by his shoulder, inhaling his scent, having almost forgotten how great he smelled.
 When he released her she saw the stewardess from her flight walk by and Anna gave her a little wave, the stewardess saw Tom, her eyes bulging and her face going red.
 Tom looked at Anna, then at the stewardess hurruing away. "Uhh sorry but what was that about ?"
 "Uhm I was watching one of your movies on the plane, and she told me she thought you were hot and she would love to get you in her bed". Anna said giggling.
 Tom looked at her with a crooked smile. "You are bad Anna, very bad, That poor woman".
 He grabbed her bag and offered her his arm. "Come on darling, lets get back to the hotel, then you can get me into a bed".
 Anna smiled, she would love that rigth now, she grabbed his arm, and he lead her to a waiting car, who drove them to the small cosy hotel he was staying at.
 Tom closed the door behind them and turned to face Anna, who literally threw herself onto him, slamming him against the door, kissing him fiercely.
 He giggled against her mouth, letting his arms slide around her waist, pulling her closer to him.
 "I guess younreallyndid miss me". He said teasingly, Anna just nodded, pulling him with her tomthe big bed in the middle of the room.
 She pulled of his cardigan and T-shirts, pushing him down on the bed, pulling of her own blouse and stepping  out of her pants, trowing her next to him in her underwear.
 "You are definitely not wasting any time darling, not that I am complaining". He said letting a hand trail down her stomach.
 She giggled, kissing him down his neck, letting her nails run over his chest, she had missed everything about him, his taste, his smell, the feel of him.
 He lifted himself up on one elbow, watching her with a mischievous smile and one eyebrow liftet. "It's a good thing we have some time before we have a commitment".
 "Tom, please do shut up love and fuck me". She grabbed the waist of his jeans, opening then fast and pulling them of him.
 Tom grinned, he grabbed her, laying her down on the bed, kissing her stomach, making her squirm.
 He kissed her all the way up her body and between her breasts, letting his hands slide under her unclasping her bra and removing it. His big hands caressed her breasts, and she feel her nipples getting hard under his touch.
 Toms warm mouth closed over one of her nipples, his tongue playing with it, she groaned, entwining her hands in his hair.
 She enjoyed the feeling of his mouth on her skin, when he kissed along her collarbone and up her neck, her hands travelling down his back to his ass.
 When she had pulled down his boxers, and he kicked them to the floor, she pulled down her panties, she wanted him right now, could wait any longer.
 She grabbed his ass, pulling him down to her, and he knew what she wanted, sliding into her in a slow smooth motion, making her moan with pleasure.
  He held himself up on his arms not to put his full weight on her, he was moving slowly and Anna cloosed her eyes, enjoying the feel of him, caressing his strong shoulders.
 Anna felt the warm build inside her, and she wrapped her legs around his hips, his movement increasing, his breathing getting shallow, his moaning was the most sexy sound she had ever heard.
 She let her hands slide around his neck, kissing him hungrily, she couldn't get enough of him, her hands gliding down to his ass, trying to push him closer, she was getting close.
 His mouth trailed down her neck, reaching her very sensitive nipple, that was her undoing and she nearly screamed his name, when the orgasm rolled through her like a tidal wave.
 The sound of her coming, made him loose all control, shuddering and holding on to her tightly. After they just lay there, entwined with one another, just enjoying being together again.


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