On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


33. Planning a trip and Toms surprice

The next week Anna spendt writing on her book and training Sunburst. She talked with Tom every day, and he often wrote her sweet messages.
 "Isn't it the most amazing idea ever ?" Tracy was sitting on Annas bed, looking at her questioningly.
 Anna smiled. "It could be kind of fun, I have never really been to London other than really short visits".
 Tracy had gotten they idea, that they should go to London together a couple of days before the premier and do some sightseeing, it would allow Anna to see Tom some more also.
 "And thanks for wanting to go with, even though you can't go to the premier". Anna smiled gratefully at her best friend.
 Tracy shrugged. "Of course honey, I get to see London and I can always join the other mortals behind the barriers at the premier".
 "I still wish I could bring you, but Tom only gets two tickets". She said apologetically.
 "Don't fret about it Anna, I'm sure I get a wonderful trip and I am not even sure I would have the nerve to walk down the red carpet". Tracy answered.
 In the evening Anna called Tom to let him know of their plans, he was happy to hear they would come in to London already on monday. He had some promotional work, but he had most of the week of, and voluntared as their tour guide.
 "Hey darlig, have you booked at hotel room ?" Tom asked, she could almost hear him smile through the phone.
 "No haven't gotten to that yet, I was actually going to find something after I talked to you". Anna answered, hoping it wasn't to late.
 Tom giggled and said. "Don't bother darling, you can stay here the both of you".
 "It isn't to much trouble ? Are your mother okay with that ?" She didn't wanted to be in the way, and didn't really knew how to feel about sleeping at his mothers house.
 Tom broke out in his signature laughter. "Ehehehehe don't worry, even though I look forward to bringing you home to my mother, I was actually thinking we could stay in my house".
 "Your house ? But I thought you were staying with your mother when you are in London". She was sure that he had told her so several times.
 "I did, but not anymore, I just picked up the keys to my new house today, and I have been moving in all day". She could hear the pride and happiness in his voice.
 She was happy for him. "Wow congratulations, but we didn't you tell me you were buying a house ?"
 "It was actually kind of a spur of the moment thing, and I wanted it to be a surprice, but it would be stupid if you booked a hotel room when there is no need for it". He answered.
 They talked for about an hour more and Tom told her about the house and how he had decorated it, she couldn't wait to se it.
 2 days later she kissed her parent goodbye and threw her bag i to the trunk af Tracys car, they were on their way to London.


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