On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


28. Peters revenge

 When they arrived back in his room, Tom had her sit down on the couch, and he went to get some ice. He put it in at small towel and gently hold it to her cheek where Peter hit her.
 She suddenly noticed that Toms hand was bloody, she gently grabbed his fingers. "Let me see honey".
 It was hard to tell how much was Peters blod, so she pulled him with her to the bathroom og very gently washed his hand. Two of his knuckles was wounded, but they didn't seem to be broken. 
 Anna silently rejoiced in how hard that punch must have been, even though she normally didn't condoned violence.
 "Come here my darling, I think we both need a good nights sleep". Tom had stripped down to his boxers and was laying on the bed, now clapping on the space next to him.
 Anna started taking of her clothes, suddenly self-conscious that he was looking at her. She keept her panties on and hurried under the blanket into his warm strong embrace.
 "You are not mad with me for meeting up with Peter ?" Anna bit her lip, looking at him nervously.
 Tom gently stroked her hair. "No darling I am not angry with you, but I don't understand why you agreed to see him".
 "I don't know, I thought that he maybe wanted to apologize what he did to me, I thought we could close it in a nice way the. I didn't expect him to confess his love". She sighed snuggleling closer to Tom.
 "It's okay my love, what he did is not okay no matter what, and I do understand you wanted closure. I just can't help thinking what could have happened". He pulled her even closer, kissing her hair.
 She sighed. "Thank you Tom, I'm so happy you heard me and that you came back regardsless what you just thought you saw. And I am so sorry I didn't react to his kiss faster, sorry".
 "It's okay Anna, I should be apologising for my swift reaction, I did stop and think, I'm sorry. And I hope we never see Peter again". He sounded unsure.
 "I think he has learned his lesson". She kissed him softly and the snuggled to his chest, shortly after she was sleeping soundly, no idea about what was about to go down.
 They were awakend early next morning by Toms phone ringing. Anna reached over Tom, who didn't react, and picked up the phone.  Then she pushed Toms shoulder gently. "You better get it Tom, its Luke".
 Tom sat up, rubbing his eyes tired, what did his puplicist want so early ? He picked up the phone. "Morning Luke".
 Anna watched him, Tom nodded and then he suddenly looked very much awake, he got of the bed, pacing the room. "Did he ? Seriously ?"
 She started to worry, what had happened, Tom look so concerned and angry, and she could hear something was very wrong. She got up and put up her clothes.
 Tom put down the phone, he sighed massaging the bridge of his nose with one hand. "Anna I am so very sorry".
 "What is wrong Tom ? Something bad happened right ?" She felt panic rising in her chest.
 "You can say that, someone was filming when I hit that stupid ass and it's all over the net. Luke says that Peter has just announced that he is filing a aggravated assault charge". He slumped down on the bed, his hands covering his face.
 Anna gasped. "Oh no, I am so sorry Tom, it is all my fault that you get in trouble".
 "No Anna, it is not your fault, don't think that". He reached for her with both his hands, and she threw herself into his embrace.
 There was a knock on door, Tom gently put Anna on the bed and got up to open the door.
 It was the hotel manager, looking like he would like to be somewhere else. He bowed lightly. "Excuse me Mr Hiddleston, but the police would like a word with you, they are in the lobby".
 Anna let out a small scream, clamping her hands over her mouth. Tom was at her side in seconds. "It's okay darling, it's gonna be fine. Go home, and I will contact you as fast as possible".
 He grabbed his jacket, putting his free arm around Annas shoulders. "Come on, let's get this over with".
 In the elevator, Tom made a short phone call to Luke, letting him know the police was there. Luke was already on his way and promised to get everything sorted out.
 There was two police officers waiting in the lobby, outside was black with people, the news was definitely out.
 Anna started to panic, she couldn't go out there in the sea of journalists and photographers. Tom grabbed the hotel managers sleeve. "Could you please get her out through a back door, I don't want her out there".
 The manager nodded. Tom grabbed her and kissed her goodbye, before walking to the cops. Anna heard they asked him to come to the station and answer some questions.
 The manager gently put a hand on her arm. "This way miss, I will get you out save in the back. Do you want me to get a taxi ?"
 She shook her head. "No thank, but thank you, my car is parked just down the street".
 He led her through passages and a big kitchen, and let her out into an alley behind the hotel. She smiled at him gratefully. "Thank you so much Sir".
 He nodded, sent her a friendly smile and said. "Don't worry my dear, I am sure it's going to be okay".
 Anna nodded, biting her lip, but when she turned around and walked away she wasn't so sure.


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