On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


21. One blonde and 3 little words

 When they arrived at the pub it was still early and there wasn't many people there yet, so the hurried to get one of the cosy booths. It was a nice little place, with a jukebox and a small dance floor.
 Tom got them 3 draft beers and they had a great time, chatting and teasing each other, forgetting those stupid pictures.
 Anna and Tracy had been to the bathroom, and on their way back Anna leaned into Tracy, so she could hear her. "Come on lets get some beers on the way".
 The girls went to the bar and waited for the young man behind the bar to get free so they could order.
 A couple of younger girls came up to the bar right next to them, one of them was a slim longlegged blonde with large breasts, sexy in that I look like a pornstar kind of way and wearing to much make-up.
 The blonde leaned on the bar, and even though Anna wasn't listening, she couldn't help but hear what she was saying to her friend.
 "He just couldn't keep his pretty eyes off me, he literally undressed me in his mind". She said, her friend nodding in agreement.
 Anna didn't knew who they were talking about, but still she felt a knot growing inside her. She looked at Tracy, she didn't seem to notice them.
 The blonde adjusted her dress, or truth be told she pulled it down even lower to show more cleavage. "And I'm planning to let him do the same with his hands later".
 Her friend giggled and said dreamingly. "Oh my, Tom Hiddleston is so hot, I wish it was me who got to go home with him".
 Anna felt her blood freeze, she had to be imagining things. At that moment a red headed tornado appeared at her side.
 Tracys voice was acidic. "But you do not and neither does your skanky friend".
 "Tracy, just let it go, ignore them". Anna whisperes, she didn't want to cause a scene.
 But Tracy was angry now and a little bit drunk, and she didn't listened, it didn't help when the blond looked at her and said. "And how does that concern you ?"
 "It concerns me because he is already of the market and by the way he is way to smart to be interested in a bimbo like you". Anna almost had to hold back Tracy physically.
 Both girls were laughing and the other one said. "By who ? Don't tell me you are his girlfriend, he got way better taste than that".
 Tracy looked like she were going to attack, but then she turned around walking away briskly. Anna breathed out, thank God, she didn't wanted Tracy in trouble.
 "Oh my God such a looser, like Tom would give the likes of her a second glance". The girls giggled maliciously. Anna got a sudden urge the pick up one and beat up the other one with her.
 At that moment Tracy reappeared, dragging Tom behind her by his arm, he was looking quite confused. Anna closed her eyes, cursing her friends temper.
 "Tom would you please explain to those two bitches, that you do not want to go home with either of them and that you already have a beautiful girlfriend right there". Tracy looked at Anna, who wanted nothing more than to disappear.
 Tom looked at Tracy, then at Anna and then at the two girls, then back to Tracy. "Excuse me, but what exactly is going on here ?"
 "The blonde was just telling how you eye fucked her and that she was going home with you tonight. She wouldn't listen to me, so I thought you could tell her yourself". Tracy smiled at the two girls.
 Tom looked quite uneasy, Anna understood how he felt, she stepped up to him, placing a hand on his arm. "You do not have to say anything Tom, lets go back to our table".
 "No I actually like to say something darling". Tom reassuringly put his hand on top of her hand.
 He turned to look at the girls, his face stern. "I am truly sorry if my friendliness when you approach me was misconcepted, but I do not like to be accused of something I would never do, not even if I had been interested in you, and especially not when those accusations could hurt the woman I love".
 Both girls looked guilty, not saying anything, just nodding and Tracy was smiling triumphant. Anna on the other hand felt the earth being ripped away from under her feet. Did Tom just say that he loved her ?

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