On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


47. On her way

 "Well are you ready for an adventure ?" It was early monday and Anna was helping Tracy get her backs out of her trunk. They were both flying out just past midday, and Anna told Tracy she could just share the car Tom had hired to pick her up.
 Tracy left her car with Annas parents, there it was save and Anna could use it when she got back from Iceland.
 "Yep totally ready, I have never been to America before, so no matter what it is going to be great". Tracy answered.
 Anna smiled, Tracy nearly always had such a positive way to see things. "Thats the spirit, but I think Chris is really into you just from the few messages I've seen".
 "Maybe, but America is really far away, and he is so busy, I don't know if I could do that in the long run". Tracy shrugged.
 "I know exactly what you mean, it is hell not seeing Tim for so long, I am not sure I can keep going like this". Anna sighted.
 Annas parents waved as the black sleek Mercedes pulled out, the had reminded her tomsay hallo to Tom more time than she could remember.
 "You got it made here, mercedes, private chauffeur and first class ticket". Tracy let her hand caress the leather seat.
 Anna sighted resignedly. "But I don't want him to spend so much money on me, I don't want people to think I am after his money".
 "Anna, don't worry so much about other people, Tom just want to spoil you because he loves you". Tracy said.
 "I know Tracy, I know, but I am not good at getting stuff, It makes me feel like I owe him something". Anna answered.
 When they reached the airport Anna walked Tracy to her gate, and waited until she boarded, as she had two more hours before her flight.
 They hugged goodbye and Anna said. "Remember to contact me, I want to know how it goes, and say hallo to Chris from me".
 "Of course, tell Tom hi from me to". Tracy waved and went out to her plane, leavin Anna alone.
 Anne went down to the first class lounge, enjoying the nice room and quiet, and the free food, waiting for her plane to board, this was kind of fun.
 On her way to the gate she sent a message to Tom > I am ready to board, se you in a couple of hours my love <
 Anna had never flewn first class before and she looked around curiously, the seat was almost like an armchair and she had her own little tv. The stewardess brought her a glass of champagne and a menu to pick her food.
 She was watching one of Toms movies she hadn't seen before, it was a romantic drama called > The deep blue sea <
 When the stewardess brought her food she took of her headphones, pausing the movie with Tom on screen, the stewardess looked at her screen saying in a conspicuous voice. "Uh he is so fine that Tom Hiddleston, he wouldn't have to run circles around my bed".
 "Mine neither, he is kind of hot". Anna said with a smile, enjoying the knowledge that contrary to the stewardess she could in fact jump into bed with Tom in only a few hours.
 "But unfortunately he has a girlfriend, pretty serious I think, what a lucky woman". The stewardess said putting down her tray.
 Anna felt her cheeks going slightly red. "Yes I've heard that, lets hope she knows how lucky she is".
 She put her headphones back on and finished watching the movie, it was a really sad movie and it was so strange seing Tom yelling angry at someone, she had a hard time imagining him doing that in real life, but on screen he was kind of hot when he was angry.
 When she was waiting dor her bag, she got a message from Tom. > I am waiting for you, I'll be standing a bit to the back, away from the crowd <
 She wrote him back right away, longingntombe with him, to be alone. > just waiting for my bag, be with you very soon <



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