On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


39. My friend Ben

Anna was awakened the next morning by Tom kissing her softly. "I have to go darling, but I be back around 3 pm to change before the party. Have a nice day".
 "Hmm I am going to miss you". She said, caressing his cheeks. Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.
 The girls got up a couple of hours later and went for at stroll around the area, getting a lovely bruch at a near by cafe. After that they went to a mall to look at the shops.
 "Wow look at those Tracy, I simply got to buy them for Tom". She pointed to something in the jewellery store window.
 Tracy looked where she pointed. "They are really perfekt Anna, but have you seen the price".
 "Okay they might be a bit pricey, but Tom has done so much for me and given me so many things, so I want to give him something back". She said and went into the store.
 She told the lady behind the counter what she wanted, and the young lady said. "They are quite speciel ain't they ? Our apprentice made them, he love the movies".
 "They are amazing, so are the other ones, he is really talented your apprentice, you can tell him so". Anna said smiling.
 They went back to Toms house to shower and get ready for the party, suddenly Anna realised she still didn't know where they were going, what if there were going to be a lot of famous people ?
 "You should have waited for me, we could have showered together". Toms voice sounded behind her as she was drying herself of, and he kissed her shoulder.
 She literally jumped, she hadn't heard him coming in to the bathroom. "Fuck Tom, you nearly scared the life out of me".
 "Sorry beautiful". He spun her around to kiss her passionately, and she melted against his lips, she had missed him.
 "I did it on purpose, showered before you got here, we do not want to be late for the party". She said grinning and winked at him.
 He chuckled and grabbed her towel, pulling it of her naked body. "We can be a little late, that wont matter".
 She jumped out of his reach, wriggling her finger at him. "Behave yourself Hiddles and get that handsome body into the shower rigth now".
 He stuck out his tongue, but started undressing. Anna hurried out, closing the door, or she might be the one making them late.
 Anna put on her underwear and the dress, she pulled her hair loosely up, letting a few strands escape around her face and finishing with a light make-up.
 Tom came out of the bathroom, but stopped midt stride just staring at her. "Wow Anna you look exquisite, I am not sure I can bring you now, somebody might snatch you from me".
 "Oh stop it Tom". She said blushing profoundly, she always got so perplexed when he complimented her like that, even though she loved it.
 Tom just smiled and started dressing, he put on dark blue pants and a button up shirt a little lighter blue. He left the top buttons open.
 Shortly after, when they sat in the taxi, Anna looked at Tom. "By the way, where are we going ?"
 "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, didn't I ? My friend Ben is having a small get together". He smiled innocently.
 "Wait a minute, your friend Ben ? As in Benedict Cumberbach ?" Anna said, her eyes huge with excitement.
 Tom smiled apologetically. "Yes the one and only, don't worry, he is just a normal guy, or somewhat normal at least".
 "Oh my God, we are going to a party with Sherlock, is Watson, I mean Martin going to be there to ?" Tracy said excitedly.
 Tom made a face, rubbing his forehead. "Probably, please do not tell me you are Sherlock fans ?"
 Both girls grinned sheepishly and Anna shrugged. "I don't quite understand the question, isn't every one ?"
 "It is going to be such a long evening". Tom said theatrical, sighting very deeply.
 "Hey you, we are not going to act like screaming fan girls, we can behave you know". Anna said i little resentful.
 Tom started laughing. "Sorry, just teasing you, ou are right of course, everyone loves Sherlock, but please do not tell Ben I said so, his head will just explode".
 They got out of the cap and walked to the front door, Tom rang the bell and the door was opened. "Hey Tom, grand to see you".
 Tom hugged the man half hidden in the doorway saying. "You to Ben, and thanks for having us. This is my Anna and her friend Tracy".
 Benedict grabbed Annas hand and kissed it gallantly. "Welcome Anna, I have heard so much about you, and he didn't exaggerate I see".
 "Thank you Mr Cumberbach, thank you for inviting Tracy and me. I do hope he has only been telling nice things". She smiled a bit bashful and glanzed questioningly at Tom who blushed violently.
 "Oh do call me Ben dearest. And yes certainly only very nice things". He smiled at her and she thought that he really had extraordinaryly beautiful eyes.
 He turned to Tracy, kissing her hand as well. "And welcome to you to Tracy, I am afraid that you me dear he have kept entirely an secret, but then I just have to find out myself".
 "Thanks for having me, uhh Ben". The blushing Tracy was for once rendered nearly speechless and Anna was shocked.
 Benedict offerede the girls an arm each and they both accepted, Tom followed them in closing the door. His voice was teasing with just a hint of warning. "Hey Ben, you keep your hands of my girlfriend right ?"
  "Now don't be such a bore Hiddles, I promise I won't do anything she don't like me to". He answered grinning and winked at Anna.
 Anna blushed and looked back at Tom apologetic and a bit unsure, not knowing if this were just thir normal banter.
 "You are some of the first, but come say hallo to Martin". Benedict led them into the living room, where Martin Freeman was sitting on the couch a drink in his hand.
 He walked them to the couch. "Get of your but Martin and say hallo to the ladies. This is Anna, Hiddles girlfriend he seems to think and the other beauty is her friend Tracy".
 Martin got up and shook their hands with a friendly smile. "Nice to meet you, and please don't mind Ben, we are shooting a new season and he seems unable to fully leave Sherlock on set".
 "So nice to meet you, I can't wait to see the new season". Anna said, thinking that Martin kind of did look like a hobbit next to the other two.
 Benedicts face lighted up in a big grin and his eyes sparkled, making them even more spectacular. "So you are a fan of the show ?"
 Anne smiled shyly and glanced at Tracy before answering. "Yes I guess we kind of both are".
 Tom facepalmed himself groaning loudly. "Oh Good, I told you not to tell him, he can't handle it".
 "Bullocks Hiddles, I am the quintessense of modesty and now fetch the ladies a drink". He waved Tom toward the bar.
 "You are an only child right Anna, from the countryside, not used to being in the great city. You enjoy horseback riding and wants to be a writer. And there is something you are not telling dear old Hiddles". Benedict sent her his Sherlock look.
 Tracy had her mouth open, Anna was looking confused, Martin sighted massaging his head and Tom said dryly. "Thank you for the analysis Sherlock, could we please have Ben back".
 Benedict grinned and shrugged bedore going to open the door as the doorbell rang.
 Tom pulled Anna down beside him on the couch, she was still looking confused and he said. "Don't worry, I told him those things, he just love doing that trick on people especially women".
 "That's a relief, he got me worried for a moment". She answered, taking a sip of her drink.
 "Except for one thing, what is it that you are not telling me ?" Tom was looking at her, pending for an answer.
 Anna shrugged, the only thing she could think of was his present. "You said it yourself, he is just playing around, he made that part up sweetie".
 Benedict came back with a couple he introduced as Matthew and Sophie, Anna thought Matthew looked familiar, and she was quite sure he were an actor too.
 Suddenly people swarmed the place and the sat down to eat, Anna was seated between Tom and James McAvoy.
 It made her very shy and unsecure in the beginning, as she had had a mayor crush on him after watching Atonement. But he was friendly and charming and she soon relaxed.
 Tracy smiled at her from across the table, her whole week was probably made just by being seated between Benedict and Tom Hardy, and she was flirting innocently with both.
 Anna had the most amazing evening, it was like beeing at an Oscar party were everyone was famous, but they were all so nice to.
 It was quite late before Tom helped Tracy and her into a taxi and then hopped in himself.
 She leaned against his shoulder sighting happily. "Thank you for the most wonderful evening Tom".
 "I am just happy you had a good time and that Ben didn't scare you to much". He answered putting his arm around her.
 "No not at all, he was funny and sweet, but not as sweet as you". She answered tired and closed her eyes.


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