On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


49. Meeting Chuck

 "Now you can tell me about our commitment". Anne pulled herself up onto one elbow watching Tom.
 He smiled and stretched. "I just tol Chris ans Zac we would meet them for dinner".
 Anne knew he was talking about Chris Hemsworth, but she wasn't sure who Zac was, she asked Tom. "Zac who ?"
 "Zachary Levi, you know tall guy, used to play Chuck on tv". Tom sat up, grabbing his boxers pulling them on.
 Anna felt her eyes pop out of her head, she loved the tv series Chuck. "Chuck ! You are telling me now we are having dinner with Chuck ? What is he doing here ?"
 "I take it you like the show. He is in the movie, he has taken over the role of Fandral". Tom said giggling.
 "Oh God, what am I going to wear, uh Tom my hair is a mess". She hurried out tomthe bathroom, trying to get her hair to look halfway decent.
 Tom came over, now wearing his jeans, leaning on the door frame, frowning a bit. "Wow didn't expect you to go crazy fangirl on me, do I have something to worry about ?"
 "Now don't go jealous on me Mr. Hiddleston, I just think he is funny and I like the show". She send him a stern look.
 "Uhh my hair is a mess and I have nothing to wear, help me". Tom was jumping around making a pretty good impression of her voice. She threw her hairbrush at him, making run into the bedromm laughing.
 Anna decided to wear a simple blue sleeve less dress, with a beaded collar, it was fitted at the waist, and barely reached her knees, she wore a light beige low hell.
 Tom looked around the doorframe, he had putnon a light blue button down shirt. "You look amazing darling".
 "Kiss ass". She said laughing, she went over to kiss him lovingly, she loved the way he just naturally complimented her.
 They walked to the restaurent, itbwas only a teen minutes walk, Anna was happy she wore a warm coat, itbwas a bit chilly, Tom had on his usual blue padded jacket and she thought he should be freezing, but he didn't look like it.
 At the restaurant they were shown to the table, Chris and Zachary had already arrived, they both stod up as they arrived, Chris pulling her into a bear hug. "Great to see you again Anna".
 "You to Chris, how is Elsa and the baby ?" She knew his wife had just recently given birth to a little girl.
 "They are great, it is amazing, I love beeing a dad". His whole face lit up as he talked about his family.
 Anna felt her heart melt, it was great that he could make it work, having his family and his career. "I am so happy to hear, I hope you don't miss them to much".
 "I miss them like crazy, but I talk to them every day on skype and I can't wait to get back to them". He said.
 "So you are the famous Anna, Tom haven't talked about anything else since we got here. Hi I'm Zac". Zachary held out his hand smiling, she almost couldn't recognise him with a beard and his hair bleached for the part.
 But before Anna could say anything Tom interrupted. "Oh she knows, she is a big fan of Chuck".
 Anna felt her face fo red, and she sent Tom an angry glance, but Zachary just gracefully smiled. "Oh I am so pleased to hear that".
 They ordered their food, in the beginning Anna felt a bit shy around Zachary, but he was really sweet and funny and she relaxed, forgetting who he was.
 They had a really fun evening, but when it was time to go home Zachary looked at Anna and Tom with concern. "Do you need a hand getting him home safe ? He lookes like he got a little more than good is".
 "Thank you, I don't think I can hold him up if he losses his footing". She looked at Tom, he was swaying slightly, she had never seen him drunk before, but he was definitely intoxicated now.
 Chris, who had paid for their dinner, came over. "Do you need me to came with you to or can you handle him ?"
 "Just go back to the hotel Chris, so you can talk to Elsa and the baby, I think we can handle him". Zachary said. Chris and Zachary was staying in the same hotel.
 They started the short walk back to the hotel, staying on both sides of Tom, so they could both support him.
 Anna shookmher head, she could feel a little buzz, but she wasn't drunk. "I didn't notice he was drinking that much".
 "Me neither, but the bottles were going fast". Zachary said, hen didn't seem drunk either.
 "You know what Zac, I think that my girlfriend likes you, she thinks you are hot". Tom suddenly said, looking like he was mostly talking to himself.
 Annas face went bright red, but Zachary just looked at him shaking his head and saying. "Yeah yeah Tom very funny, you are going home to sleep now".
 "Nooo I am not joking, she gotnall flustered, and didn't know what tomwear, she got all crazy fangirl". Tom laughed stupidly, and nearly stumbled.
 "Tom stop it right now, you are not very nice to Anna right now".zachary grabbed him, to,keep him from falling, sounding a bit annoyed.
 Tom actually looked like he was a bit embarrassed by himself, looking at his shoes, glancing at her, mumbling. "Sorry".
 They got him up to the room, and he collapsed on the bed, looking like he was sleeping soundly before his head hit the pillow.
 "Thank you for helping me getting him back and I am so sorry and mortified by his behaviour". Anna walked Zachary to the door.
 He smiled at he reassuring, shaking his head. "Don't worry about it Anna, he is just drunk" .
 She glanced at Tom on the bed, then looked back at Zachary. "I really don't hope he is filming tomorrow".
 "No luckily he is not, but I think he is going to feel really bad tomorrow". Zachary said grinning.
 "But thank you for tonight, I had a great evening, until someone had to much to drink and couldn't keep his big mouth shut". Anna said, her cheeks going pink, she put out her hand to give him a handshake.
 Zachary pulled her into a hug, she couldn't help but noticing that he smelled really good, kind of spicy, he planted a light kiss on her cheek. "I had a great evening to Anna. Sleep tight, I guess I be seeing you again before you go home".
 "You to Zac, get back save and have a good night". Anna said, and closed the door behind him.
 She hated to admit it, but his hug and kiss had made her heart beat a little faster and made her cheeks flush.
 She turned around to get ready to go to bed, but stopped in her tracks, Tom was sit n the bed, starring at her with big hurtful eyes.


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