On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


27. Let me go

 Anna borrowed her parents car, to deive into town, curious about what Peter wanted, but not really wanting to meat up with him. She hadn't put on any make-up and just put on some old jeans and a button down shirt.
 She parked the car and walked to the pub. Peter wasn't there yet, and she bought a beer, sitting down at the table closest to the door.
 It was only a couple of min before Peter walked in, he looked like he was on his way to a party or out on a date. His dark hair carefully combed with gel, and he was wearing brand new jeans and a blue sweater Anna once bought for him.
 "Hi Anna, I am so happy you decided to come". He pulled her intoma hug, kissing both her cheeks.
 Anna felt really uncomfortable by his touch, but she chose to ignore it, smiling strained at him. "You kind of insisted Peter".
 "You look really good Anna, georgeous, but of course you always have". He sat down across the table.
 She closed her eyes shortly, sighing, the she looked back at him. "Thank you, but can we cut the pleasantries and go right to the reason why we are here ?"
 "Because of us Anna, I am so sorry about what happened with us". He grabbed her hand looking at her with puppy dog eyes.
 "I don't know what to say Peter, I really can't see any reason to talk about it now, we have both moved on". She took a big swing from the beer, wanting to get out as fast as possible.
 He looked at her begging her with his eyes. "No Anna, I haven't moved on, Isabel means nothing to me, I want you back Anna".
 "Peter please stop, don't say that. You are with Isabel, and I am with Tom now". She got up from her chair to leave.
 "Anna he is just going to hurt you and leave you". Peter grabbed her arm, rather hard.
 Anna tried to pull her arm from his grasp, spitting his words at him. "And you are certainly the expert on hurting others around here".
 "He's an actor honey, they can't be trusted, in a month when the novelty wears of, he will be running of with some model or actress". He said squeezing her arm.
 Anna winced, she didn't want to listen, but his words hurt her, it was exactly what she had been fearing, but she would let Peter see that.
 "No Peter, for contrary to you Tom is a decent person, and he wouldn't hurt me on purpose. Please let me go now". She tried to walk away, be he wouldn't let her go.
 "But Anna, I still love you". He pulled her to him, kissing her sloppyly. Anna was caught by surprise and didn't react.
 Anna looked up, feeling the earth being pulled from under her, seing Tom standing in the doorway, his mouth open in a gasp, his eyes filled with pain. He turned around walking away briskly.
 She pushed Peter hard, screaming at him, while running for the door. "What the hell do you think you are doing you idiot ? leave me alone".
 Anna ran out of the pub, she saw Tom disappear around the corner walking fast, she needed to get to him to explain. The mere thought of the hurt in his eyes made her hurt. "Tom wait, let me explain".
 She ran after him, put someone grabbed her roughly by the arm, she turned and saw Peter. "Let me go Peter, I need to get to Tom".
 "But Anna, I love you, please forgive me and come back". He held on to her, looking at her pleading.
 "For the love of God Peter, let me go, I don't love you. Go home to Isabel". She tried to get away from him, but then she felt a numbing pain, when he hit her, and she screamed.
 He dragged her into the dark alley. "Don't you think you are better than me, just because some actor wanted to fuck you".
 "Peter please don't, just let me go". She started to cry, she was scared, both for what Peter would do, but also for what Tom was thinking of her.
 "No when you put out so easily, you could give a little for old times sake". He grabbed her chest and Anna tried to move herself out of his reach.
 Anna started to panic , he wouldn't rape her, or would he ? Why did she agree to meet him ?
 Peter tried kissing her, feeling her up w his free hand, but then Anna heard an icy voice behind them. "Let her go, right now".
 Peter started to turn, and collided with Toms fist, his nose breaking with a sickening crunch, leaving Peter screamin on the ground.
 She looked at Tom, everything flooding her, making her collapse in tears. He was with her in a second, holding her in his arms. "Shh Anna, I am right here, you are safe now".
 "I am so sorry Tom, I shouldn't have agreed to meet him to talk. He kissed my, and I got so shocked I didn't react, please forgive me". She was clinging to him.
 "I am the one apologising Anna, I should have given you a chance to explain, It just hurt so much seeing you with him". He gently caressed her cheek.
 Peter was still on the ground whimpering, Tom looked at her. "Do you want me to call the police on him ?"
 "No, I think he has learned his lesson, and I can't handle all that rigth now". She shook her head, just wanting to leave.
 Tom squatted next to Peter, grabbing his collar, liftning him of the ground, his voice calm but dripping with cold rage. "If you as much as look at Anna ever again, I do not guarantee for the consequences, but you can trust my rage".
 He walked back to Anna, gently putting his arm around her. "Come darling, lets go back to my hotel".
 Anna didn't want her parents to see her like that, and she just wanted to be with Tom right now, so she didn't oppose.

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