On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


19. Girl talk

 "Oh my Good Anna, this is crazy. Now don't get mad, but for fucks sake, he is even more handsome in real life. I get why you couldn't keep your hands off him". Tracy said.
 Anna just smiled. "Of course I won't get mad, I know he is ridiculously hot, and that alot of women is going to look at him or worse".
 "Don't worry, I would never do anything inappropriate, but I can't promise I won't look just a bit". Tracy said winking.
 Anna just shook her head laughing, she trusted her friend and she knew Tom was way to sweet and polite to do something to hurt her.
 Annas phone buzzed, it was a message from Tom. Anna read it and looked at Tracy. "Tom is asking if he can have the pleasure of inviting us both out for dinner tonight".
 "Uh yes, like a single woman on the face of the earth would turn down an dinner invitation from him. Sorry Anna, I am gonna stop fan girling for your boyfriend now". Tracy answered.
 "But I have to go soon then, I have to catch the bus to get home and change". Anna sighted.
 Tracy shook her head. "Don't worry, you can borrow something from me, I got alot of dresses".
 "Okay, just don't make me look like a stripper. I write and tell Tom to pick us up at your place then". Anna said teasingly. Tracys party clothes tended to be a bit over the top.
 "I make sure that he is the one who can't keep his hands of you today". Tracy answered sticking out her tongue.
 Anna stood out and cleared the table. "Okay then, let's go to your place and see what you have then".
 They walked to Tracys apartment, it was a cosy little place rigth around the corner. They had a couple of hours to kill, so they both took a shower before starting on their make-up.
 Anna started looking through Tracys clothes, and she actually found a dress she loved, it was a yellow skater dress, in the front it was held up by a chain of hearts around the neck, dangling down on the bare back.
 "He is gonna be all over you love. Here put on these" tracy handed her a pair of high heels in the same golden colour as the neck chain.
 "I just hope he doesn't break my bed again". Anna said, mostly to herself while she was putting on the shoes.
 Tracys head snapped up. "Excuse me ? Break your bed again ? You know you have to explain that".
 "Whoops I guess I shouldn't have said that. You have to promise not to tell anyone and definitely not Tom ?" Anna looked sternly at her.
 Tracy nodded impatiently looking at her, Anna could feel the blush creeping up her cheeks.
 "You se, we had been teasing each other a bit, then he got me really excited while we were out eating with my parents, and then the next day when we went for at ride, he spanked med with the whip". Anna said i bit embarrassed.
 Tracy looked shocked. "He spanked you ? Okay I did not se that one coming".
 Anna couldn't help but giggling. "Not like fifty shades spanking or nothing like that, we were just messing around. But I decided to give him a littel pay back, somI handcuffed him to the bed, got him real horny and told him I go crab a cup of tea".
 "What happened then, all the naugthy details please". Tracy was looking at her expectantly.
 "He kind of broke my headboard, the handcuffs and then my panties and then well". Anna told not daring to look her best frien in the eyes.
 Tracy laughed and shook her head. "Oh my, wouldn't have thought he had something like that in him. But it seems he is just a little bit crazy about you".
 "Unfortunately he is going to leave soon and he will be busywith work all over the world. But I wont think about that tonight". Anna said.


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