On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


54. Getting Zac alone

 Tom took her to a romantic little place, but when they were getting shown to their table, they spotted a group of Toms colleagues, among them Chris and Zachary, sitting in the other end of the room.
 Chris came over, hugging both of them. "You are welcome to sit with us, but I guess you just want to be alone today".
 "Yep you are rigth, not that I don't love all of you but we just want some alone time and a little romance". Tom answered grinning, Anna relaxing, she couldn't handle having to eat with Zachary atbthe table.
 "I totally get it, see you tomorrow". Chris said smiling and walked back to his table.
 Tom and Anna went to their own table, it was in a corner and a bit private, but with a view of the entire room. They ordered the five course tasting menu and a bottle of wine, Tom promising with a laugh only to sip.
 When they had just finished their third course Anna saw Zachary go downstairs to the bathroom, this was her possibility to talk to him alone, Tom was looking in the other direction, so he didn't see him go down.
 "I think I will just go to the bathroom, if it is okay ?" She got up fast, smiling apologetic and hurried over and down the dimly stairs.
 She waited by the foot of the stairway for him to exit the bathroom, she would be able to hear anyone coming. Her heart was beating, how should she explain and what would Zachary say ?
 The door opened and he came out, the stopped in his track when he spotted her. "Hi Anna, what are you doing here ? Is everything alright ?"
 "Hi Zac, yeah everything is fine, but I need to talk to you alone". She was chewing on her lip nervously.
 "It sounds so serious Anna what is it ?" He was walking slowly toward her, like a predator stalking a prey, he stopped right in front of her, her heart beating so dast she felt like she couldn't breathe.
 She took a couple of deep breathes, scolding herself for reacting like that. "I was thinking if it is okay that Tom doesn't her about brunch today ?"
 "If that is what you want, but why the secrecy ? We did nothing wrong did we ?" He was looking directly at her.
 She shook her head slowly. "No of course we didn't, but I just don't want Tom to think we did, to misunderstand again".
 "It makes me feel like I've been misbehaving, to have to be so secretive". He took another step toward her, making her step back, up onto the first step, putting them eye to eye.
 He was to close now, she could smell him, warm and spicy and inviting, feel the heat from his body. "Please Zac, for me, for Tom ?"
 A smile she couldn't quite read crossed his face. "For you Anna, I keep my mouth shut because you want me to".
 "Thank you Zac, I am sorry to ask you to, to get you involved in this". She breathed more easy now, smiling at him.
 "But it kind of make me wish I really had done something to keep quiet about". His voice a low raw whisper, his dark eyes burning into hers.
 Anna felt her stomach do a cartwheel and she clenched her thighs together, she closed her eyes for a moment, he was joking right ?
 "Sorry Anna, I should had keept my mouth shut this time to, I know this is so wrong, but I really wishes you weren't with Tom". He ran his hand through his hair in a frustrated motion.
 "Zac I.. I". Anna didn't know what to say, the room was spinning, her heart was pounding in her ear and her abdomen reacted in a way it shouldn't with longing.
 He gently pushed a strain of loose hair behind her ear. "It's okay Anna, you don't have to say anything, I know you love Tom".
 Her skin was burning from his light touch and she felt dizzy, her brain was yelling at her to stop, to go back up to Tom rigth now, but she couldn't move.
 His hand grabbed her neck and she knew he would kiss her, she knew she should push him away, maybe even slap him, but she didn't.
 But just when his lips were about to touch hers, there was footsteps down the stairs and a happy whistling and they flew apart.
 Anna ran to the bathroom, she leaned on the sink, resting her forehead on the cool mirror, panting for air, what the hell, had she been about to let Zachary kiss her ?
 She heard Chris's voice outside, he had been the one interrupting them. "Hey Zac there you are, we was wondering if you left".
 "No no just some upset stomach". Zachary said laughing, she heard the bathroom door open and close.
 She quickly put some cold water in her face and hurried out, Zacry were waiting for her, he grabbed her hand as she tried to walk by him. "Anna ?"
 "I have to get back to Tom, he must be wondering were I am by now". She gently pulled her hand from him, hurrying up the stairs, back to Tom.
 She sat down on her chair, the fourth course had areived, and Tom had almost finished his.
 He looked up at her, looking really worried. "Is something wrong Anna ? You were gone so long, and you look all flustered".
 "I just didn't feel so well all of a sudden, it is nothing special, I am already much better, just a little hot". She smiled reassuringly.
 "We can go bck now if you want to lay down ?" He grabbed her hand stroking it, looking at her for an answer.
 She shook her head. "No it's okay Tom, lets just enjoy the rest of the meal first".



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