On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


52. Brunch With Zack

 Zachary leaned over her shoulder, looking at the screen. "Hallo to you friend Tracy, a pleasure to meet you".
 "Hi Zac, likewise". Tracy smiled, but Anna could see how she was measuring him up.
 "Have you ordered ?" Zachary turned his face toward Anna, his mouth right next to her ear.
 Anna swallowed, not daring to look at him, how much had he heard ? "Yes, I am having their brunch".
 "Sounds good, I just go double that order, If it is okay for me to sit with you ?" He straightened up, smiling at her and she nodded.
 "Anna !" Tracys voice sounded very sternly from the screen, Anna had been watching Zachary walking to the counter.
 Anna snapped her head around, what did she wanted her to do, tell him he couldn't sit with her ? That would seem odd. "What Tracy ?"
 "Seriously, I always thought him kind of a nerd, but badaboom he is fucking hot, even with the blond hair". Tracy said wide eyed.
 Anna glanced at Zachary, he was standing at the counter, he caught her eyes and a smile slid across his face. "I know Tracy, but that is it, yes he is super sweet and he is really hot, but he is just a friend".
 "You better watch out Anna, if you ask me, he seemed a little more than just friendly towards you". Tracy said warning her.
 "Oh stop it Tracy, he is Toms friend, he wouldn't, and why would he be interested in me ? And by the way, I love Tom, remember ? Better go now, say hallo to the naked guy from me". Anna said.
 Tracy shook her head, her eyes worried, but she only said. "See you Anna, say hallo to Tom from me".
 She closed her laptop and put it away, and Zachary sat down at the chair across from her.
 "So your skype friend, is she back home or somewhere else in the world ?" He looked at her curiously.
 "Tracy lives in my town, but right now she is in New york with her new boyfriend". Anna said, still avoiding eye contact.
 She smiled crookedly. "She seemed like a good friend, but I get a feeling that she didn't really like me".
 "Uhh she is just a bit over protective, like she do not trust new people easily". Anna kicked herself mentally, that just sounded stupid.
 Zachary looked at her, a little smug smile creeping in. "Oh it's like that, I thought it might have something to do with dreams, but I guess I am wrong then".
 Anne felt her face go brigth red, oh shit, he had heard that, she bit her lip. "How much exactly did you hear ?"
 "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, I didn't see you at first, and then it was a little awkward to interrupt, I heard Tom was giving you a hard time, I am sorry to be the cause of trouble". He said sincerely.
 Anna hid her face in her hands and said mostly to herself. "Please let the ground swallow me whole".
 Zachary chuckled and lay his hand gently on her arm. "Don't worry about it Anna, I will forget everything I never heard. Are You and Tom okay ?"
 "Yeah, I think I successfully convinced him that he was wrong, there was nothing to be jealous of". Anna lifted her head eyeing him, grateful that he handled it so nicely.
 He was picking at a ketchup bottle on the table. "Good, I am happy to hear, and nope, no reason tomfreak out at all".
 The waitress brought them their food at that moment, and they started eating, both silent for a while.
 "Zac I am sorry, I guess I kind of acted like some stupid fan, making a joke of myself". Anna bit her lips nervously.
 He reached over the table, letting his thumb grace gently down her cheek. "Don't worry, I have seen much worse, and by the way my fans are not crazy, they are very lovely, but unfortunately seldom as lovely as you".
 "Uhh thanks". Anna felt her face going red yet again, his finger had left a burning trail on her cheek, why the hell did he have tomdomand say something like that ?
 "Whoops sorry, I didn't mean to make you blush, well okay maybe a little, are we okay ? Friends ?" He smiled apologetically.
 Anna nodded and smiled, friends were fine, friends was omay for everyone, and he probably was just a natural charmer, hid didn't mean anything by it. "Most definitely friends".
 They ate their food, talking about everything and nothing, and it didn't take Anna long to relax in his company, he was just very sweet, funny and honost to talk to.
 "I better get back to Tom and see if he is getting better". Anna just realised they had been talking for al ost two hours.
 Zachary got up and got his jacket. "Let me walk you, I am going that way anyway".
 When they reached Toms hotel, she stopped and looked at him. "Thank you for today Zac it was nice, and thank you for beeing so nice about me acting stupid".
 "No problem Anna, I actually don't see it as a bad think when a beautiful woman admires me". He winked at her.
 She punched his shoulder playfully. "Stop it Zac, you just make me blush again, and making an even bigger fool of myself".
 "You are not making a fool of yourself Anna". His voice suddenly very sincere, and something about the way he looked at her, made her swallow and bite her lip.
 "Thank you Zac, see you around". She didn't quite know what to do, but he pulled her into a hug, and she hugged him back, and before letting her go, he kissed her cheek softly.
 She waved and hurried into the hotel. In the elevator she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. What the hell was that ? Without thinking her hand reached for the spot on her cheek where his lips had been moments before.


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