On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


8. Annas boyfriends

 Anna changed her old T-shirt for a close fitting sweater she had gotten for christmas and pulled her hair into a loose ponytail, befor bouncing back downstairs.
 "Is it okay if I take the car mom ?" She stuck her head into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing lunch.
 Her mother smiled at her. "Of course my dear and give Tom my regards". "I wil mom". Anna answerd, hurrying out the door.
 She drowe to town and parked the car, walking down the street toward the book store, when she spottet her 2 least favourite people in the world Isabel and Peter.
 She looked around for somewhere to hide, but it was to late and she heard Isabels shrill voice call out. "Hi Anna, we don't often se you her in town".
 Anna forced a smile. "Isabel, Peter how nice to see you, Imhope you are both well".
 Anna had been dating Peter for nearly a year, until Isabel decided she wanted him, it was about 6 months ago she found them togheter, but it stil hurt.
 "We are just perfect sweetie, it is just so speciel to have found your soulmate". Isabel said while looking adoring at Peter.
 Anna just wanted to get away. "So lovely for you, sorry but I have to go, I kind of have a date".
 "No really ? With a man, like for real". Isabel said, her voise sickly sweet and a little bit malicious.
 Anna was just about to shoot something derisively back, but before she could a strong arms embraced her from behind and a warm kis planted on her cheek. "Hi beautiful, sorry I'm late".
 She looked up at Tom, who kept one arm around her shoulder. "That is quite alright sweetie, I just bumped into some old friends Isabel and Peter".
 "Hi, I'm Tom, Annas boyfriend". He politely shook both their hands, keeping his arm around Anna the whole time.
 Isabel looked like her eyes was just about to pop out their sockets when she very flustered said. "Nice to meet you".
 "Sorry but we have to go, se you around". Anna said sweetly, pulling Tom with her down the street.
 She could hear Isabel halfway whispering to Peter. "That was Tom Hiddleston, did you see that".
 Anna could help but laughing when they where safely in the bookstore. "Thank you Tom, that was amazing".
 "No problem, you looked like you needed some help, I don't hope it was to bold of me". He answered.
 "You didn't Tom". She smiled and pulled him with her to a quiet table in the corner.
 Tom pulled out her chair before seating himself. "Who was that by the way ? I got the feeling you did really liked them".
 "My ex Peter and my ex friend Isabel, who also happened to be the girl I found him in bed with". Anna said, her voice laced with contempt.
 Tom caught her hands, squeezing them and looked i to her eyes. "I am so sorry Anna, you didn't deserve that, he must be a total idiot".
 "Thank you Tom, it still hurts to see them, even though he means nothing to me anymore". She lokked at him thankfully.
 A young waitress came down to their table. Tom looked at her. "Could we have 2 cups of tea and 2 slices of apple pie ? Thank you".
 "Of course, I be right back with them". The waitress went bright red and started stammering when she recognized him.
 "Thanks sweetie". He flashed his trademark smile and the waitress hurried away, almost falling over her own feet.
 Anna slapped his shoulder. "You tease, the poor girl was totally flustered already by your mere existence, and then you start flirting with her".
 "I didn't flirt with her, I was just being polite". Tom put up his most angelic face.
 "Oh my God.." She was shaking her head in disbelief. "You are out of control sir, you don't even know when you are flirting, you are a danger to women everywhere". 
 He grinned apologetic and look at her. "Am I really that bad ? I do not do it on purpose".
 "You can't help it, it is not your fault that you have that effect on women". She shrugged.
 He looked at her, a teasing smile pulling at his lip. "Does that apply to all women ?"
 Luckily for Anna, the waitress choose that exact time to show up with their order, saving her from answering. While they enjoyed their tea and apple pie they talked about her book and his work and forgot everything about the time.
 Tom looked at his watch. "I unfortunately have to go now, if I don't want to be late, but I had a really nice time Anna".
 "Me to Tom, I am glad you asked". She stod up taking her coat from the back of the chair.
 When they came out on the street he grabbed her hand. "Anna I would like very much to see you again".
 She could feel her face go red again. "I would like that to Tom, you can just call or text when you have time of".
 "Superb, we talk soon then, se you my beautiful". He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and hurried of .
 Anna stood there watching him go, questioning whether it was a good idea to keep seeing him, she wasn't sure.

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