On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


57. A very public secret

 Tom came out about 15 minutes later, his costume on one arm, now Tom again, just with the dark hair. I just have to get this back to costumes, the I am ready".
 She nodded and followed him. "So do we have any plans for the rest of the day ?"
 "I thought we might order some roomservice, throw ourselves on the bed and watch a movie or two, I am a bit worn". He said apologetically.
 She smiled happily. "I think that sounds absolutely perfect Tom, I could use some relaxation and cuddling.
 He grabbed her hand, entwining his long fingers with hers, and she smiled happily at him.
 They had a nice and cosy evening, ordering burgers and fries, feeding each other on the bed, watching a funny movie, halfway through the second movie Tom fell asleep and Anna tucked him in, watching the rest of the movie alone before turning of the tv and lights.
 "Is it okay if I stay here and write today ?" It was the next morning, and Tom had to go in for a couple of hours on set Anna couldn't handle the chanse of running into Zachary.
 He looked a little disappointed, but then he smiled. "Of course darling, I wont be gone long, I don't have much to do today, we do something fun when I get back".
 "We do whatever you want to do". She said happily and kissed him goodbye before taking her laptop out.
 She had been writing for almost 2 hours, when she saw Tracy logging into skype, asking for connecting, she made sure to save what she had written, and went onto skype.
 "Hi Tracy, good to see you". She put on her happy face, she couldn't share her emotional turmoil with anyone, not even Tracy.
 "What the hell is going on Anna ? What precisely are you doing ?" Tracy sounded angry and she looked disappointed at Anna.
 Anna had no idea what she was upset about, but she felt her stomach sink. "Uh Tracy what ? Concerning what exactly ?"
 "I am talking of what you are up to with Zac Anna, it is all over the internet for Gods sake, I know you are on Iceland, but haven't you been on twitter or facebook at all ?" Tracy said.
 Anna felt the earth disappear beneath her. "All over the internet, what do you mean ? I am not up to anything with Zac".
 "No Anna ? Are you sure about that ? Because alot of pictures is telling a whole different story". Tracys voice wasn't as angry anymore.
 "Pictures ?" Anna grabbed her phone, and did what you should never do, she googled herself and the numbers of hits were mind numbing.
 She looked on some of the newest ones, all speculating or down right accusing her of cheating on Tom. 
 There was picktures of her and Zachary, at the cafe, one where he touches her cheek, and in front of the hotel hugging, there even was some from the set, them sitting closely on the bench and one of him kissing her hand.
 "Oh my God Tracy, these pictures look like a lot that they are not, nothing happened". She hid her face in her hands.
 Tracy sighted, sounding concerned. "Anna I believe you if you say nothing happened, but those pictures is screaming to the world that there is something between you two, is it something you want to talk about ?"
 Anna looked absolutely devastated. "I don't know what to do Tracy, I love Tom and I do not want to hurt him, but I can't control myself around Zac, yesterday we were like half a second from kissing, but then Chris showed up".
 "What the fuck Anna ? No I feel sorry for you, I really do, it doesn't sound easy, but you have to make up your mindand stick with it sweetie, because this is not fair to any one of you". Tracy said.
 Anna closed her eyes. "I do know if it's my choise to take anymore, if Tom hasn't already seen this he will, and even if he believes me, then he still know I was lying to him".
 "Oh Anna I am so sorry, but Tom loves you, don't you think he'll forgive you, but maybe you need to come clear before someone else tells him". Tracy told her.
 Anna nodded. "You are right, and I better get a hold of Zac first, I need him to be ready if Tom lashes out".
 "I hope everything will be okay Anna, and please keep me updated, just call if you need to talk, I am here for you". Tracy looked at her with concern.
 "Thank you Tracy, for telling me and for scolding me and mostly for being there when I need you". Anna said befor logging of skype.


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