On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


36. A surprice for Tracy

 Anna woke up the next morning when Tom kissed her softly, she slowly opened her eyes, smiling at him. "Morning handsome, have you been out running ?"
 "Yeah, I just wanted to wake you up before I hit the shower, then we can eat breakfast together". He said running a hand through his sweaty hair.
 When Tom had walked into the bathroom, Anna jumped out of bed and tip toed up behind him, he was already naked and turning on the water.
 She put one arm around his slim waist and the other over his shoulder, pushing her own naked body against his back. "I think I could kind of use a bath as well".
 He turned around smirking. "You are insatiable woman, I thought you got enough last night".
 "I didn't take a shower last night". She answered innocently, pushing past him and walking into the warm water streams.
 Tom walk in behind her, closing the shower door, it was a wide shower, and they easily fit both of them. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo, put some in his hand and started working it into her hair.
 Anna sighed deeply, his strong hands in her hair, against her scalp felt so good. While she washed out the soap, he washed hos own hair and then he repeated the seance with the conditioner.
 "Maybe you should have been a hairdresser, you are good at washing hair". She said with a crooked smile.
 He smiled and put a big squeeze of body soap in his hand, lathering up her body, slowly and sensually.
 His big capable hands caressed her breasts, one finger playfully trailing around her nipple and she felt her knees go weak and her body heating up. She moaned, pressing her body against his, his mouth on her shoulder while his hands washed her backside.
 He let his hand travel down her stomach and in between her thighs, she gasped and her legs buckled, but his other arm held her on her feet.
 "Shh my love, relax I got you". He whispered softly in her ear, while he was caressing her most sacred spot. She felt lige his long fingers where everywhere, and it wasn't long before she was moaning his name, shaking with pleasure.
 He held her close and kissed her deeply, she smiled playfully and let her slide slowly down his body, ending on her knees, his manhood right in front of her.
 She grabbed him with one hand, slowly letting her lips close around him, taking him into her mouth, a deep moan escaped him and he leaned on the wall, steadying himself with one hand, entwining the other in her hair.
 It didn't take long before he threw his head back, throatyly moaning her name, pulling at her hair. She smirked to herself.
 "If you go get Tracy, I get started on breakfast". They had dried up, Tom already fully clothed.
 Anna pulled on her underwear. "Sounds great, I have the little sleepy head ready in no time".
She pulled on the rest of her clothes and hurried up the stairs to the room Tracy were sleeping in. "Wake up your sleepy head".
 She looked around, but Tracy was nowhere to see, but rigth then Tracy walked into the room, a towel around her hair. "Morning Anna".
 "Oh you are up. Tom is making breakfast if you are hungry". Anna sat down on the bed.
 "I am starving". Tracy said laughing, she hurriedly got on her clothes and fixed her hair.
 They went downstairs and found Tom in the kitchen, wearing an apron, which made borh of them laugh.
 He looked at then sternly. "Now now ladies, behave yourself, sit down in the dining-room please".
 They did as told,mand shortly after Tom entered carrying big plates of english breakfast, and then bringing in tea, coffee and orange juice.
 "Wow it looks amazing". Tracy said, her mouth watering, Anna nodded, she already had a slice of bacon in her mouth.
 "Actually that is my secret super power". Tom said looking at them, smiling secretly.
 They both looked at him quizzically and Anna asked. "Sorry, but breakfast is your super power ?"
 "Yep, I can get a full english breakfast hot on the plate at the same time". He answered grinning.
 "A very useful super power indeed". Tracy said impressed and Tom smiled happily stuffing a sausage i to his mouth.
 After a while of eating in silence, Tom cleared his throat. "I kind of hired a car to take you shopping, I don't like you driving around i the city when you are not used to it".
 "Tom for Gods sake, I told you to stop spending so much money on us". Anna sighed and rolled her eyes.
 He grabbed her hand, lovingly kissing her knuckles one by one. "But I like to, and I want to keep you save, please make me happy ?"
 She bit her bottom lip. "Okay, okay, but it has to stop honey, do you understand that ?"
 "Just one more thing baby, can we please agree on that ?" He looked at her, big puppy dog eyes.
 She wanted to say no, but she couldn't resist those beautiful eyes. She sighed. "And what would that be ?"
 "The premiere and the party Thursday are both for me and I don't want you to spend a lot of money. Please let me pay for the dresses ?" Tom fell down to his knees, beggingly crawling toward her.
 She had feared for the amount of money she would have to spend to get two decent dresses, but she didn't want Tom to pay just because he had more money.
 Tracy send her a stern look and she said. "For the love of God, you are not gonna give in on this are you ?"
 "Nope, never ever, not a chance". He said smiling, he gor up, kissed her and grabbed his wallet of the table.
 He pulled out his mastercard and threw it on the table. "Buy whatever you like and that applies to Tracy as well, and remember at premiere dress, I guess I forgot to tell you that I found you a date and a ticket to the premiere".

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