Twilight reversed

This is Twilight reversed. The Genders are switched. Zius a 17 year old boy from Florida moves to Forks with his mother Renee. He goes to a new school where he meets The Cullens. He then falls for one of them but they have a big secret. Will Zius handle it? *all credits go to the author of Twilight*


2. Chapter 1


Zius pov: Today was the day i would be living with my mom Renee in Forks. I remember every summer staying at her house. She was the police chief of Forks so i could never do anything bad.  I was on the plane on my way to Forks. It was a 3 hour flight so i would be sleeping the whole time. 

*In Forks*

We pulled up the house that i grew up in which was right on the edge of the woods. These woods always creeped me out. I got out the car and grabbed my bags and walked in the house behind my mom, she led me upstairs to my room. 

Renee: well here it is, same as how you left it 

Zius: thanks mom 

My mom left me to unpack, at least she wasn't like my dad always on my back. Tomorrow i would be starting my new school and i was scared out my mind. Once i finished unpacking i looked around my room everything was the same except now i had a bigger bed. I looked out my window, and saw the woods. I decided to go to sleep, it was late and i didn't want to wake up and be late for school. 

* next morning*

I woke up the next morning and took a shower and got dressed. I went downstairs and ate breakfast , my mom left early to the station. I hopped in the car my mom bought me and drove to school, it wasn't that hard to find. I parked my car and went to the office and saw a lady in probably her mid 30s sitting there around a stack of papers, she looked up at me and smiled

"hello, Welcome to Forks High School" 

"hi, um my name is Zius Swan" I said nervously

" oh yes, we've been waiting for your arrival" 

i watched as she went through a stack of papers until she found the ones she needed. She handed me my schedule and a map of the school and highlighted the best way to get to each class. I thanked her and walked out the office. When i walked out i noticed a car across the parking lot, standing around it were a small group of people, 2 girls and 2 boys. Each were pale. I noticed how i was staring at them but one caught my eye, she was beautiful, not to tall and not to short, her brown hair about mid shoulder length, she was standing next to the drivers side, i guess she felt me staring since she snapped her neck really fast and looked me straight in the eyes, i couldn't tell the color of her eyes but i knew they were bright, i stood there not able to move when she snapped her neck back to the front after our split second eye contact. Finally i broke my eyes away from her and walked to my car and drove to the front of the school. 


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