Cuz I've Got A Jet Black Heart

Michael has always been the social outcast. He is different from everybody. In Freshman year oh high school (14 years old) he finds a girl names Jade who also just moved with the same problem. Can they help each other through the journey of high school? What happens when more feelings develop? Read to know.


4. 😓

I was almost asleep but my phone jolted me awake. It was a text from Michael: Hey, it's Michael. I just wanted to let you know I got home safe. Sleep tight. Xx"

"Glad you got home. :) Sleep tight Xx." I replied. I decided to text my mom: Hey Mum, just got home and checkin in."

She read it and started typing. "Hello, I'm Dr. Tigi, can you please come to the hospital?"

"Yeah, is she okay?"

"We will talk when you get here."

I looked up the bus but it was too late and too far of a walk. I texted Michael: Hey, is it possible for your mom to give me a ride to the hospital?"

"Is everything okay?"

"I'm not sure, a doctor just texted me to be there asap."

"My mum said yes, we will be there in a minute." My stomach hurt, was my mum okay?

Karen pulled up and I ran outside. I got in the backseat and Michael was sitting there as well.

"Thank you so so much Mrs.Clifford. I don't know what happened, a doctor just answered my moms phone and asked to to go to the hospital."

"You're welcome sweetie." She gave a weak smile. Michael wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. I leaned my head on his chest. His other hand grabbed my hand. His mum drove me to the hospital and we finally pulled up. She stopped the car and everybody got out. Michael and I reconnected our hands.

"Hi, I'm Jade. I was told my mum was here." I said my voice cracking a bit.

"Ah, yes." She typed in some words fast on the computer. "Room 34A second floor." She informed us all.

"Thank you." We all said. We went up the elevator and saw a sign that said 'life threatening injuries' on a sign. I prayed that my mum was okay.

We all walked into the hospital room and I immediately felt sick. I looked at my mum in a full body cast and she had stitches all on her face. She was hooked up to machines and she had a low blood pulse. I let go of Michaels hand and hugged my mom. Tears fell down my face.

A doctor came in. "Hello, I'm Dr.Tigi." He shook everybody's hand. "It appears that your mum is in a coma," he said. He let that sink in. "She has a very low chance of ever waking up, if she doesn't wake up in 10 days, we will have to take her off life support and she would pass away."

I cried even harder. Michael was hugging my, rubbing my back a bit to calm me down. "How did this happen?" I asked as I calmed down a bit.

"The police say that she was under the influence and crashed. The car rolled down the hill and she flew through the window." He said.

My mum may never wake up, I thought through my head over and over again. "Ma'am, may I talk to you privately?" The doctor asked Karen.

She nodded her head and there was tears on her face as well. They walked out of the room.

"It's going to be okay." Michael said. Tears stained his shirt. "I'm so sorry this happened." He said.

"It's not your fault." I said still crying.

We waited for a while in silence. Finally they came in. "Jade and Michael, we need to talk to you both about something." Karen said.

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