Cuz I've Got A Jet Black Heart

Michael has always been the social outcast. He is different from everybody. In Freshman year oh high school (14 years old) he finds a girl names Jade who also just moved with the same problem. Can they help each other through the journey of high school? What happens when more feelings develop? Read to know.


2. School

I walked to the bus stop. There was 4 other people. Ugh, people. I stood 10 feet away from everybody. A boy with crazy purple and green hair came around the corner with nobody staring at th ground. He wore a Nirvana shirt with black pants. He just kept looking at the ground. I noticed how he also stood away from the group talking about how weird we are.

I walked over to him. As I got closer I noticed how tall he was. "Hey I'm Jade. Nice shirt, Nirvana is good."

"'Ello, my name is Michael. Thanks, I like your shirt too." He said. He had an Aussie accent.

"Thanks. So, do you like this school?" I asked.

"Uh. This is my first day." He said.

"Mine too."

"Oh, really? That's cool. Maybe we will have some of the same classes." 

"Hopefully. Lots of people tend to hate me." I said honestly.

"Why? You seem like a very nice girl and you are very beautiful?" He wondered. He is just being nice, a hot guy call me beautiful, no way.

"Thank you." I looked down at the ground and blushed.

"Yeah. We have lots in common." He told me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Well, today is both our first day. We both are hated and nobody knows why. We both like good music. We look like we are "emo" because of our hair and clothes. I'm not emo though, I like good music and have crazy hair." He said.

"Haha. I guess we are the same." I said.

The bus pulled up and we all got on. The boys hollered at me. 'Sit with me' or they whistled. There were a few empty seats and me and Michael sat next to each other. We were on our way to this school neither of us have been to.

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