Cuz I've Got A Jet Black Heart

Michael has always been the social outcast. He is different from everybody. In Freshman year oh high school (14 years old) he finds a girl names Jade who also just moved with the same problem. Can they help each other through the journey of high school? What happens when more feelings develop? Read to know.


5. Late Night Conversations

Dr.Tigi, Karen, Michael and I sat in a room. Michael was still holding my hand. "So, when we were in here, Dr.Tigi and I talked." Karen started off. "Since there is a low chance of your mum waking up, I wanted to talk to each of you. Now, if something were to happen to your mum, we wanted to see if you would prefer to stay in a Foster Home for with Michael and I. Michael, I was wondering what you would think of that."

"I think it would be awesome." Michael told his mum. He turned to face me. "Please." He said.

"Mrs.Clifford, are you sure?" I asked, I'm always really shy and hate taking stuff.

"Yes. I would love to have you stay with us and Michael would too." She said.

"Okay, thank you so much Mrs.Clifford." I thanked her.

"Youre welcome sweetie, now me and Dr.Tigi have to talk. Can you both step out for a bit?" 

Michael and I went back out. We went into my moms room. We were alone. "You're so beautiful." He said.

I smiled at the ground (haha, who gets it?) And blushed a bit. "Thank you." I said.

"You're welcome." He smiled at me. I looked at my mum. I prayed she would be okay. A silence fell over us. It wasn't awkward silence, it was one of comfort. "You're mum will make it through this." He said. 

"I hope so." I said.

"Me too." He said. We talked a little bit and his mum came in the room.

"Alright love birds, let's go." She said looking at our entwined hands and we both blushed. We drove back to my house and I packed a bit of clothes and necessary things. We got back to their house and they had a guest room ready and I guess it was my room for a bit. We all said good night and went to sleep. It was already 1 in the morning.

***Hey guys, comment what you think of this! :) 

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