Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


8. ~Chapter 8~

Reiji walks into the livingroom with a tray full of snacks, he puts them on the table and notices that you and Ayato are gone.

"Shu, where is (Y/N)?" Reiji asks Shu.

"I dont.. know.. there was a sweet.. smell coming from.. upstairs though.." Shu says, lazily and he goes back to sleep.

"He didn't" Reiji sighs angrily and he walks upstairs, he goes to Ayato's room and looks inside, when he doesn't find you or ayato in there, he follows the faint smell of your blood towards the bathroom.

He tries to open the door but he can't because its locked.

"Ayato are you in there?"

"Yeah, why?" ayato answered Reiji in a slightly annoyed tone of voice.

"Is (Y/N) with you?" Reiji asks, ignoring Ayatos question.

"My question first!" ayato shouts.

"Wh-what?.." you ask, sleepily.

"Ayato you didn't" Reiji says.

"Yeah, I did" ayato smirks down at you.

"Yours truly truly was her first everything~"

You blush slightly, remembering last nights bedtime activity.

"I can feel your face heating up, you want more?"

"Ayato, no, you have to dry and clothe (Y/N), otherwise she'll catch a cold" Reiji said as he left you and ayato alone.

"Heh, he's gone now" ayato smirks at you again.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Reiji is right, the water is getting a little chilly.."

"Fine, we can bathfuck another time" ayato says as he stands up and gets out of the bath.

"Can you manage?" ayato asks you as he dries himself with a towel.

"Yeah" you try to stand up but your legs are still too weak, man if you ever have sexytime with Ayato again, make sure that you don't need to walk the day after.

"Heh, need help?"


Ayato puts his hands under your arms and lifts you out of the bath, he steadies you on your feet.

"Don't try to walk, you'll fall over and damage yourself".

You stay still, not wanting to fall over as ayato gently dries you off with a different towel.

"I don't have any clothes in here.."

Ayato gives you one of his shirts and told you to put it on.

"Thanks" you smiled at ayato and he put some pants on, Ayato helped you walk back to his room and he chose some clothes for you to borrow.

He passed you some boxers and a red tartan button up shirt.

"Change into those" he ordered, "they're suitable nightwear for you".

You put them on and climbed into his bed, you quickly curled up under the covers, a sudden chill spread through the mansion.

A cold wind blew the curtains open, revealing midnight black stormy skies and her.

The purple haired woman.

The one from your nightmare.

"A-ayato, it's h-her" you whimper as you pull the covers over your head, be scared, in your nightmare she tried to drown you in mud.

"Don't worry, she won't hurt you" Ayato gets into his bed, next to you.

"Who says I won't"

The window blew open and she walked in.

"You're dead!" Ayato shouts as he puts his arms around you, protectively.

"Not completely"

"What do you mean, not completely?!"

"I will return soon" she disappears.

Ayato stared at the window in disbelief.

"Who was she?" You asked as you snuggled up next to ayato.

"That was Cordelia, my mother".

"Why is she here?" he pulls you even closer and you shiver as he licks your neck.

"Nevermind" he says as he holds you tightly, making escape impossible.

"No!" you bark, he smirks against your neck, he rolls you onto your back and he bites roughly into your neck.

The last thing you see is Kanato in the doorway, he appears right next to the bed and you black out.


Sorry for taking so long to publish this, been really busy with family stuff and whatnot.

Heh the next chapter will be a lemon, and I've made a change of plan .(^_−)−☆

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