Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


4. ~Chapter 4~

You arrived at the school.

It was dark out, but you didn't mind, you loved the night far more than the day.

"Who wants to show her to and from her classes?" Reiji asked his brothers after they got out of the limo.

"Nufu~ let me show bitch chan around~" laito asked, "hmm, no" Reiji said, much to laitos dismay.

"May teddy and I show (Y/N) around?" Kanato asked, "hell no!" you barked, Ayato chuckled "let yours truly show her around".

Reiji nodded and pushed your back gently, moving you towards Ayato.

You both walked towards the school door, when you got inside you were both approached by short bald guy with pale blue eyes.

"You must be the new student, (F/N) (L/N) I presume?" the guy who you guessed was the principal asked.

"Yeah, I'm living with the Sakamakis" when you said that a wave of voices and distant chatter was heard.

"She's living with them? must be some kind of toy" one of the girls said to a group of girls, "yeah, or a slut" another girl said.

You knew you were going to be given a hard time by the girls here.

"Ahem, well I am Rodger, Rodger Hilton" he passed you a small piece of paper.

"A list of your classes for the month, come to my office next month for a new list".

"Thanks" you said as you looked at the group of girls who were starting rumours and gave them your death glare.

"S-she seems okay.." the girl who called you a slut said.

"I a-agree with you.." the other girl said, after they'd said that, the chatter died down and usual school talk was heard.

Ayato grabbed your arm and dragged you towards the classroom, when you went in there were no students in the classroom.

"Teddy look, (Y/N) is attending with us"

Scratch that, Kanato was there.

You sat down at one of the desks, you rested your elbows on the desk, soon after you started singing, only because you were bored.

You felt a pair of hands on your shoulders.

"Your singing.. is beautiful.." it was Shu, he was complimenting your singing voice.

"T-thanks" you turned and smiled up at him, ayato appeared next to him.

"What does the chalkboard say?" ayato asked you, you turned and looked at the chalkboard, "home economics" you said.

"Exactly, now come with me!" ayato pulled you up out of your chair and dragged you out of the classroom.

He dragged you down the hallway, towards the kitchen.

When both if you were in the kitchen, he locked the door.

"Why have you locked the door?" you asked him, he ignored you and pushed you towards the stove.

"Make me some takoyaki!" he demanded.

"I don't know how to!" you barked.

"Hmm, well I'll just have to eat something else" he smirked at you, you slowly backed away, you felt you'd back press against the wall, you could no longer back away.

"Come one step closer and i'll hurt you" you warned him.

He once again, ignored you, he was now right infront of you.

He put his hands either side of your head on the wall, caging you in.

"Nowhere to run now bitch" he leaned towards your neck, he was about to lick it when you lifted your knee up, hitting him in the nuts.

He fell to the floor, "stupid dog, you left yourself open for attack" you chuckled sadistically at him, you quickly turned and walked to the door.

He had locked it.

You don't have the key.

How are you going to get out?


I know it's short, but the next chapter will be between Shu and you, and I have the perfect picture for that scene ;3

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