Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


3. ~Chapter 3~

You woke up in a dimly lit room, chained to a cold stone wall, the faint sound of snoring coming from across the room.

"Who's there!?" you call out, an annoyed grumble coming from across the room.

"Shut up sow!" it was clearly a males voice and he was annoyed.


~let sleeping vampires lie~


You heard him stand up and as he walked closer you realized who he was.

"Yuma? where the hell am I?!" You bark at him and he appears right infront of you.

"You are in our dungeon" Yuma said.

"Why am I here?" you ask.

"We need you to do something for us" Yuma smirks at you.

"You will find out later, sow".

Someone across the room lights a candle.

"Ruki?" you ask, you were right, it was Ruki and he was walking towards you.

"Yuma, how long has she been awake?" Ruki asks Yuma while you shake your wrists, trying to get out of the chains.

"OI! quit rattling those fucking chains!" Yuma shouts at you, "she has been awake for about fifteen minutes".

"Good, in a few days it'll be time" Ruki and Yuma smirk at you.

"Time for what?" you look at them suspiciously.

Kou appears about two feet away from you, "We need you to bear someone's child, neko chan~".

"Why?" you ask.

"That is for us to know, and you not to know" Ruki said.

"Ruki, what if the pure bloods or the Sakamaki's find neko chan first?"

"That will not happen" Ruki said as he walked closer to you.

"We will not allow it to happen" Ruki says as he looks down at you, clearly he was trying to intimidate you, but it was not going to work.

"You don't scare me" you said as you looked into Ruki's eyes.

"Don't I?" Ruki chuckled, "We will soon fix that".

"See you later neko chan~" Kou chimed, you had to admit, his voice was lovely.

They all left the room, or so you thought, the sound of dripping blood came from across the room.

"Who's there?" you stage whispered.

"Me and.. my friends.." a timid sounding voice said.

"Who are you?" you asked.

"Azusa.." man he was quiet.

"Hey, it's okay, I won't hurt you" you smiled even though he might not see.

Eventually, a boy carrying a knife walked out of the shadows, he had blood running down his arms which made you worry about him.

"Are you okay?" you ask, kindly.

"I'm fine.. you smell good.." as he said that, his purple irises glowed and his mouth opened slightly, revealing sharp looking fangs.

He slowly walked closer to you, you could tell that he was deliberately walking slowly, he was trying to scare you, to make your heart beat faster, it was not working, until he raised his hand, the hand that held the big, sharp knife.

"What are you doing with that?" you asked, your voice a little shaky.

"Don't worry.. I'll bite.. you first.." he dropped his knife and quickly put his hands on your waist, he was the same height as you, which probably made it a bit harder for him to bite you.

He leaned in closer, moving ever so slowly towards your neck, his fangs grazed over your skin, that feeling reminded you of when Ayato bit you.

You started shaking, fear was finally taking a hold of you.

He sank his fangs into your neck, causing you to cry out in pain.

You couldn't do any thing, you were chained to the cold stone wall, unable to escape, you were helpless, a little puppy with a bloodthirsty killer at your throat.

You whimpered softly as he bit down deeper, the sound of him drinking your blood made you feel frightened.

To your relief, he stopped biting you, he slowly licked his bitemark and he then lifted his head and took a step back.

"You look.. pale.. it looks.. good on.. you.." he picked up his knife and using his free hand, he tore open your shirt, exposing your bra.

You blushed as you saw him staring at your breasts.

"Such nice.. underwear.. say did.. you know.. this was going.. to happen?." he looked into your eyes as his hand rested on your hip and his other hand drew the knife across your chest, drawing a small amount of blood.

You winced in pain as blood slowly ran down your chest, ruining your already torn shirt.

Suddenly the dungeon door flew open and a pissed off Ayato stood in the doorway.

"She belongs to yours truly!" Ayato shouts as he shoves Azusa away and unchains you from the wall, he carries you bridal style in his arms and teleports you back to the Sakamaki mansion.

It seems that no matter how often you were teleported, you always passed out.


~Bloody memories~


You found yourself in a dark forest, the rain soaked your clothes as you felt the ground around you puddle with rain water.

You saw a purple haired woman infront of you, she smiled sadistically at you and you felt your feet slowly sink into the mud beneath your feet, you tried to get out of the mud but you were already knee deep.

You struggled and struggled to get out of the mud, but every time you struggled, you sank deeper, eventually you were up to your neck in mud.

You were unable to breath as your head started to go under.

You heard sadistic laughter and you had nearly disappeared under the mud when you woke up with a loud scream.


"AAAHH!!!" You woke up in a cold sweat, tears streaming down your face as you screamed and rolled over and fell off the bed.

Somebody picked you up and sat you down on the bed, the space of bed next to you dropped slightly as sobeone sat down next to you.

"Calm down (Y/N), it was just a nightmare" it sounded like Ayato.

He hugged you tightly and you buried your face into his shirt and chest, being in his arms made you feel relaxed.

"I-I saw someone b-before I sank" you said as you wiped the tears from your eyes in his shirt.

"What did the person look like?" Ayato said as he smoothed your hair.

"S-she had really long purple hair, a-and that's all I can remember" you slowly stopped crying, you were fully awake now, still afraid of the nightmare you had.

Each time ayato smoothed your hair, you felt calmer, more relaxed, eventually he laid down on his back and he made you lay down ontop of him.

"Sleep, I'll protect you tonight" he said as he held you against his chest and he stayed awake until you fell asleep again.

Ayato knew all too well who that woman was.

You slept in Ayatos embrace until late in the afternoon, you were woken up when somebody caused your bed to shake.

"Nufu~ such a naughty bitch chan~" you blushed when you realised that your knees were either side of his hips, and ayato shouted, "she didn't do anything to me!" ayato looked the get-out-of-this-room look at his brother.

"Brother, you can't do that right now~ it's nearly time for school~" Laito said as he sat on the bed.

"School?" you questioned as Ayato gently rolled you off of himself and sat up.

"Yes miss, night school" Reiji said as he suddenly appeared at the side of Ayatos bed, holding a black, white and blue school uniform, in your opinion it was beautiful, but not perfect, you can fix that though.

"Ayato, laito, let her get dressed" Reiji whispered something to ayato and they all left Ayatos room.

You put on the short, black, frilled skirt and the fitted shirt of the uniform, you looked at yourself in Ayatos mirror.

The skirt was really short, and the shirt showed alot of cleavage, you guessed that Ayato had chosen this one with Laitos help.

"It's missing something.." you said as you searched Ayatos room, hoping to find it in here.

You came across a wardrobe full of costumes, rope, chains and other things that you didn't recognise.

"Why are those in his wardrobe?" you asked to yourself as you took a pair of black, lacy thigh-high socks from one of the costumes and put them on.

You looked in another drawer and found some nice ribbons to tie your hair up with.

You pushed on the door, it was stuck, you bashed your fist on the door and Ayato opened it.

"Heh, suits you" he smirked as he looked you up and down.

"Look all you want but you ain't gettin any" you snickered as you walked past him, heading for the stairs.

You walked downstairs and found Reiji.

"Come not miss, we can't be late" he walked you out to the limousine and you climbed in the back, Reiji followed you into the limo.

Reiji made you sit next to Shu, he was wearing his earphones, again and he was asleep.


---------------down the road---------------

---------about halfway to school---------


You were resting your head on the window, watching the landscape go by when you saw a poster on a tree.

It was a missing poster, "somebody must've been taken again" you thought to yourself.

Suddenly you felt a cold hand on your thigh, you looked down and saw Shu's hand, he started stroking your leg.

"Shu, I'll give you till the count of three to move your hand" you growled slightly at him, he snickered and moved his hand higher.

You grabbed his earplug cables and pulled on them.

The earplugs pulled out of his ears and he stopped stroking you.

You were about to thank him for moving his hand when he looked down at you with a fear inducing gaze.

"You don't scare me, blonde" in truth you were a tiny bit scared, but showing that to vampires would be a bad idea.

"Your heart rate.. has increased.." shu said as he grabbed your hips and pulled you onto his lap.

"Am I scaring.. you yet?.." he asked as he leaned down towards your neck, you whimpered softly and quietly as he licked your neck.

A clearing throat noise was heard and Shu stopped licking your neck, he sat up and looked into your eyes.

"We will.. continue later.." he said in a slightly husky tone causing you to blush slightly.

He held onto your hips, making you sit on his lap the entire way to school.

------------TO BE CONTINUED--------

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