Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


13. ~Chapter 13~

None of them knew that winter was closing in, the last of the leaves fell from the nearly bare branches of the trees that matted the thick woodland.


------------------Your POV---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Carla and Shin dragged you out into the woods, feeling the chill in the air, you quickly transformed back into a wolf, the collar slipping off you and you bolted into the dense woods.


----------------Sakamaki POV------------------------------------------------------------------------

They all scoured the thick woods for hours, until a shout was heard.

"I smell her! and strangely, the scent of a new wolf?" Ayato said as he looked in a north-east direction, a thick snow cloud visible in the darkening sky, it looked like it would be ontop of them in a couple of hours.

"We should follow that scent." Reiji passively ordered as he began following the scent of the new wolf.

"I see something!" Ayato shouted as he pointed to a large (F/C) wolf, it's (E/C) eyes shining in the moonlight, Ayato being Ayato, noticed that it was a female.

"Strange, wolves don't normally have (E/C) eyes, I wonder, (Y/N), Is that you?" Subaru called out to the wolf, to their surprise, the wolf turned to face them and she slowly walked over.

"Yes? also how did you find me?" you noticed who it was, and started backing up.

"We followed your scent, it was the scent of a female wolf, and the only ones who smell like wolf are Carla and shin, and they're both males anyway." reiji pointed out the fact that it was getting closer to the full moon, thus making females more noticeable.

"(Y/N)-chan would make such a lovely stuffed animal.." Kanato hugged teddy tightly as he slowly approached you, instinctively, you backed away.

Suddenly you froze, you had backed into something no, someone..

"Hello neko-chaaaaan~" kou chimed triumphantly as he grabbed the fur on the back of your neck, and pulled you against his legs.

You saw Yuma appear next to kou, before you know it, Yuma had his arms around you and was now holding you tightly in his arms.

"She's coming back with us." Yuma stated as the first flakes of snow began to fall.

"I think not." A voice said, and suddenly Carla was there.

"She's coming back with us." another voice says, and there now stood Carla's brother, Shin.

You had flashbacks of what they did, you've no wish to return.

"I don't want to go back if you're going to do that stuff again!" you barked as you wriggled free of yuma's grasp and ran back into the woods.

"Shit! somebody get her!" Subaru shouted as he punched a tree.

Carla and shin swiftly disappeared, as did the others.

They had a long night ahead of them, for you, are out in the woods, alone..

------------------------------------------------------------------------Your POV----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your body, cold, covered in freshly fallen snow, you shook, only a small amount of the snow fell off.

Your paws, slowly going numb, you'd have to find shelter, somewhere, anywhere out of this snow.

After about a mile more, you came across a small tunnel, not thinking, you went inside, it was a little warmer than outside, but as it was freezing and the snow was blowing in through the opening if the tunnel,you went deeper.

You saw small torches line the walls, somebody had been here recently.

You felt a small pang of fear as you continued walking into the tunnel.

Footsteps that weren't your own.

"She must be in here somewhere!" a male voice boomed thorough out the tunnel.

It was shin, he'd come across the tunnel too.

You panicked, knowing he would soon find you, you crept along the far side of the tunnel, thankfully he was on the other side, so you slinked in the shadows.

"I smell someone.." shin said as his shoes clacked across the tunnel floor, the clanking got louder as he approached you.

Taking your chances, you bolted up the tunnel and ran into a door.

You sat there in a daze for a few minutes, during which time, shin had found you and he was now standing over you.

"The hunt is over, we have the female."

Shin grabbed a chain from the tunnel wall and put it around your neck.

He had his hand on the doorknob, ready to open the door when suddenly, he lifted his hand.

"I think I'll have some fun with you, but first.." he yanked the chain, pulling you up so that your face was next to his" turn back or I'll shave you" he growled.

You complied and turned back to your human form.

"What do you want?" you asked, your voice, little more than a whimper.

He smirked.

"I want you.." shin said as he pushed you against the tunnel wall...



I know it's kind of short, so I apologize for that, also sorry to the person who requested the shin lemon, I had intended to do it sooner, but at the time I was horrifically busy, and the cursid writers block struck, thankfully it left and I am writing more often now n.n

Until next time~ ^_−☆

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