Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


1. ~Chapter 1~

you always were a strange girl.

the girl with the personality of a wolf.


you got called wolfy alot, but you didn't mind, you actually quite liked that name, so eventually it became one of your many nicknames


you liked to be alone, yet people always wanted you around even though most of the time you were quiet.


sometimes you would sneak into the woods at night to get some peace, the music you liked filled your ears as you dozed off under the stars.


it was usually early dawn when you awoke, the sound of birds chirping was your favourite alarm, little did you know that your life was going to change today, for better or for worse...


"(Y/N), Oi! wake up! we've got alot to do today!" Your brother Daniel shouted through your bedroom door, you were pissed off at the fact that not even your alarm had gone off yet. telling you that it was before 8am.

"is it something you need my help with!" You shouted back, a slight growl in your voice.

"you have forgotten, haven't you?" Daniel said through the door, his fingers tapping on the thin wooden door.

you picked up your diary, usually you harly ever wrote in it, it was mostly used for dates and videogame codes, or names of animes that you wanted to watch, flipping through the pages you came across the words Pack for holiday, suddenly you remembered that you and your family were going on holiday, shit! how could you have fogotten?!

you quickly jumped out of bed and put on your black long sleeved shirt, some tights and leggings and your green tartan miniskirt, a quick dash around your room to find your headphones and you were ready to go.

"hey Bro, what time is it?" you asked as you put on your boots and did your hair and makeup, you'd left your (H/C) hair loose because quite frankly you could not be assed to tie it up.

"it's about 7:30am, we have to move! mom and dad want to be out of the house by 9am, so we dont have any time to laze about! And Natalie and Alice are already in the car!".

You mumbled something under your breath as you started to pack your things to take on holdiday, some clothes, toiletries, hairbrush, shit like that and your sleeping teddy, when you had put everything in your (F/C) suitcase you opened your bedroom door.

Dainel was already at the door with his suitcase in hand, "come on! mom and dad are already in the car!" Daniel grabbed your suitcase and dragged it to the black car.

You picked up your suitcase and put yours and his bags into the car you both got in and the car drove through a few small villages and eventually reached the last village before the woods which you assumed was where the cabin you were staying in was.

"now, does anybody need the bathroom before we go into the woods? it's a really long drive" Your mom asked you and your siblings all answered with a polite no.


It was nearly midnight before you reached the cabin in which you were staying, the moon had risen high into the night sky, a glow lighting up the woods around you.

"this place is beautiful" you quickly ran inside and upstairs and you quickly opened the hatch to the attic room, "I call this room!" you quickly took your jacket off and threw it on your bed.


you ran downstairs and slipped on the wooden floor, grazing your elbows, "shit! I'll grab my bags then go clean my self up" you quickly grab your bags and drag them upstairs and into the attic room.

You opened your suitcase and took out a small first aid kit, you opened it and took out a small box and some antiseptic.

"It doesn't look too bad" a deep voice said, you looked up and a rather tall boy was sat in your bedroom window.

The boy has longish blond hair with light blond tips, his enchanting sapphire blue eyes made your heart flutter, he was looking at you, suddenly you were brought back to reality as your sister came into your room.

"Who the hell are you?!" Your sister shouted, causing the boy to shake his head.

"So noisy..." Suddenly the boy disappeared, your sister ran over to you.

"Are you okay? you are bleeding!" Natalie grabbed the bandages from your hand and started wrapping it around your arm.

"Natalie, calm down, I bleed worse than this every month, so this is nothing, and I'm fine".

Natalie finished bandaging up your arm and patted your head "you're my sister, I'm supposed to worry about you". she hugged you and walked over to the door.

"Oh that reminds me, mom sent me up to tell you that it was nearly dinner time" Natalie smiled and she left your room, closing the door behind herself.

You sat on your bed and grinned, it was steak night and your mother made the best steak you had ever eaten, you laid back on your bed, thoughts of steak filling your head.

"Hmm, it's too quiet here, where did I put my MP3?" you jump off of your bed and look through your suitcase.

"Not here? maybe I left them downstairs" you stood up and quickly climbed out of your room and ran downstairs.

"Mom, have you seen my MP3?" you asked as you looked around in the den.

"Yes dear, you left them in the car, the car keys are in your fathers hunting jacket".

Your father loved hunting, almost every night he would come back with at least 3 pheasants, sometimes you would tag along with him and shoot a few rabbits, you were quite good at it.

You grabbed the car keys and opened the front door, it was pouring down outside.

"I won't need a jacket, the car is just over there".

You ran out into the rain and towards the car, you quickly unlocked it and climbed inside, shaking the worst of the water from your (H/C) hair.

You looked in the box under your chair and found your MP3, you quickly put them on and one of your favourite songs played.

Naturally, you sang along "black lipstick, just like a cat I'll have you purring on your back~" you half danced in the car, enjoying the music when suddenly the car engine started.

"Wh-what?!" you quickly jumped out of the car, soon after it drove away, the car thief was laughing as he drove away.

"OI bastard! get your ass back here!" the car stopped, and the driver threw something out of the window, the wind blew the now wet note over to you and you picked it up and read it.

"It's an address? but the numbers and words have gone, blasted rain!" you run back to the house and banged on the front door.

"Mom! some little shit stole the car!" your mom quickly opened the front door and you walked inside, your clothes drenched.

"Did you see what they looked like?" you thought for a minuet and shook your head.

"No, I didn't but he threw a note out of the window, but the rain made it unreadable, so I threw it in the bin".

Your mother patted your wet hair "it's okay, I'll tell your father when he gets back, you go get changed".

You smiled at your mom and went upstairs and to your bedroom, you locked the door so nobody accidentally walked in while you were naked.

You quickly took off your wet clothes and threw them in a pile in front of your bedroom door.

You went to your suitcase and took out a dark grey California shirt and your favorite jeans.

You quickly put them on and checked your MP3, luckily it still worked, you laid down on your bed and slowly fell asleep.


It was about 4am when a loud bang was heard, you whined sadly when you remembered that you had missed dinner.

"No matter, there is always leftovers, now what was that bang?" you sat up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes.

"Nufufu~ bitch~chan looks so cute when she sleeps~".

Your gaze shot to the window, you sat there, not afraid of the perv sat in your window.

"Who the hell are you?!" You barked, trying to scare him or at least make him feel intimidated.

"Me?~ I am Laito Sakamaki~ here to take you~ bitch~chan~" he stood up from the window and walked towards you.

instictivly you backed away from him, suddenly he had you pinned down on your bed, you struggled underneath him and he smirked down at you.

"you remind me of my brother, bitch~chan~" you looked up at him, "your brother? Who is he?" you asked while you struggle desperately beneath the red headed boy looming over you.

"Ayato Sakamaki, the "bastard" that stole your parents car~".

You stopped struggling and looked straight into his deep emerald eyes.

"That guy was your brother!?" he nodded in reply.

"That is what I said, bitch~chan~". while he was talking, he had let go of your arms, taking the chance you sat up and shoved him off.

You rolled sideways and fell off if your bed with a loud thud soon after you quickly got up and ran towards your bedroom door.

You twisted the doorhandle and you whimpered quietly when you found that it was locked.

"Where's the keys?!" You whined as you twisted the handle again, a quiet snicker caught your attention.

"Looking for these?~" you quickly turn around and see Laito holding your keychain, the very keychain that has your bedroom key on it".

"How the hell did you get those!? and give them back!".

Laito chuckled and put your keychain in his pocket.

"Nufufu~ you will not be needing them, bitch~chan~" he stood up and started walking towards you and you started to panic.

You looked left and right, trying to find a way out.

You saw your bedroom window, it was wide open from when Laito entered your bedroom.

You made a dash for the window and climbed outside, you have always been a good climber so this was easy.

When you reached the floor you ran into the woods as fast as you can, trying to get away from Laito.

You stopped and looked back at your window and saw Laito climb out, his deep emerald eyes were locked on you.

You climbed up into the nearest tree and hid yourself amongst the branches.

"Now where is Bitch~chan hiding~" you jumped when you heard him speak, he was already below you.

"How did you get here so quickly!" you gasped and clamped a hand over your mouth, you stayed as still as you could in the tree, and you felt something push you and you started to fall off the branch.

"Ahh!" you tightly grabbed the branch, holding on for dear life.

"What the actual fuck!?" you looked up and saw another green eyed red head.

"Heh you should've been holding onto this branch properly" the red head smirked down at you, snickering at you while you hung on.

"You pushed me off!?" The red head grabbed your arm tightly, nearly breaking it.

You whimpered in pain as he pulled you up into his arms.

You felt him sit you on his lap and he wrapped his arms tightly around you, making your chances of escaping damn near impossible.

"You may have gotten away when I stole the car, but you won't get away this time".

You looked up at him "so you are the bitch that stole my parents car!?" he smirked at you, exposing what looked like fangs.

come to mention it, the perv that chased you out of your room had fangs too.

"What are you?" you asked with curiosity in your voice.

"I am a vampire, and you aren't human either, bitch".

You growled at him when he called you bitch, "I'm a shewolf and I know your name, Dog".

He grabbed your chin and he forced you to look at him.

"What is my name then?, bitch".

"A-ayato" you mentally scolded yourself for stuttering at such a time.

"Am I scaring you?" he said with a sadistic glint in his eyes, suddenly you felt the branch shake and Ayato looked behind you.

"Thanks for getting her out of the house." Ayato said as he let go of your chin, suddenly Laito grabbed you and pulled you close, holding you in his tight grasp.

"Bitch~chan smells delicious~" Laito slowly closed in on your neck and you felt Ayato grab your arm as he shoved Laito out of the tree.

"She belongs to yours truly!" Ayato shouted down to his brother who was in a heap on the floor of the woods.

"I do not belong to you, dog, now I am going home, well, back to the holiday home anyway" you pulled your arm, signaling for him to let go but he only smirked down evilly at you.

"You are coming back with us".

Ayato wrapped his strong arms around you and everything went black.



(I've changed the names for a reason, they'll make an appearance in chapter 14, David is 17, Natalie is 14, and Alice is 12)

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