2067 - Unconscious

This is the prologue for my Roman ''2067 - Unconscious ''
Please leave a like or Comment if you have questions!
I do speak Danish!

In case you were wondering, this 'book' is dedicated to my brother (Who's Handicapped) so please treat it with respect


1. Prologue


His eyes widened as if he had just awoken from a nightmare. He starred directly into the ceiling.
It was cold, yet he was burning inside. He was tied down.
For what he was able to see, he was placed in the center of the room.
He turned to his left and saw what he believed was his brother.
He was unable to recognize him, because of the cotton-bag hiding the boys head.
Before anything was to be said, someone entered the room.
The light cold breeze from the door sends a shiver down his spine.
The other boy began to shake violently; he didn’t say anything, he just groaned.
‘’And these are?’’ An unknown female asked.
‘’Subject 1.10 and 19.99, Thomas and Benjamin.
Twins. Born in 2047’’ A male answered.

Thomas looked at Ben, struggling to get air.  
‘’Do something’’
Thomas yelled ripping his throat raw.
 The female looked at Thomas, Ben then the male assistant. She raised her eyebrows.
The male went over by Ben’s side; he removed the bag from his head.
For some reason Benjamin wasn’t moving anymore, be calmly turned his sweaty face to Thomas.
He starred into the dark almost black eyes of his brother.  
‘’What did you to him!’’ Thomas yelled furiously. He had to force his eyes open to stay conscious. ‘’Help him you bloody idiot!’’ the anger was overwhelming. Everything was fading.

Benjamin didn’t move, not even blinking, just starring directly at Thomas. 
He removed his focus from his brother for a few seconds, only to realize that he had the same fade incoming.
He grabbed the assistant with his last bit of strength. Surprising him.
 ‘’What did you… do to him’’ Thomas aggressive voice turned to whisper slowly as he got unconscious. 

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