Best Friends

High school,Drama,boys,best friends
When gets Lottie's bestfriend gets a boyfriend how does that leave her feeling and when her crush likes her bestfriend and starts to betrayed her how does that leave her feeling? Find out by reading Best friends
Will Lottie's and Jessica's friendship survive their last year of high school?


1. Who are you?

NOTE: This is my first ever story I've written here so it not going to be amazing, please feel free to help me out and leave advice and tips. Also let me know what you think about the chapter and maybe rate it out of 5 for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy. xxx

Lottie - The girl telling the story

Jessica - Lottie's bestfriend

Scott- Jessica's boyfriend

Jack - Lottie's crush


Lotties P.O.V

Lately I've been feeling so left out in my science class I moved to the front so I can sit with Jessica however she's always sitting at the back flirting with this boy who apparently she doesn't even like. However at least I get to talk to Jack a bit more I've liked him for quite a while now and Jessica is one of his close friends she's trying to set us up, haha. 

It's an Wednesday after school and I'm just sat watching some youtube videos when all of a sudden my phone starts going of I walk over to find out it's my bestfriend Jessica 

"Hey babes, Just wanted to tell you me and Scott go out, love you xxxxx"

I'm in shock a little to be honest I never knew this was something that was going to happen, in honestly I never thought of her having a boyfriend. I don't really know this boy but I'll have to. Not knowing what to put back I just text

"Aww cute, love you too xxx"

I never expected things to change as much as they did, it all came as a shock, like she was a new person.

The next day

Everything seemed normal I saw her in the morning however after lesson she didn't wait for me anymore, lessons I was with her for she didn't talk to me anymore, she moved to sit next to him in lessons and in lunch, she was never with me anymore, she just went, she changed.  In a matter of hours I didn't know my bestfriend anymore. After school I texted her seeing if she wanted to facetime, we was always on facetime after waiting an hour to text me back she just put

"Can't tonight soz, on facetime with Scott all night"

I had never felt so unwanted and just pushed away by someone who last week didn't want to not see me. Oh how fast people change.


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