beside you

this is a Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings story about two twins who move to Australia to move forward their dance career but then they meet the guys they could only have wished for.


1. h-hi

​twins names ~ Stella (one that's most like Michael) symphony (one that's most like Luke)       

  (Stella POV)   "symphony are you ready we need to get to the airport) I screamed upstairs to my sister who was still packing although we had a 3 months notice "Yeah y eah I'm coming" she replied I heard her zipping up her luggage bags and running out of her room "ok I'm ready lets go" she says cheerfully opening our front door and skipping out "well someone's ready to go" I shout after her whilst locking the door and getting into the drivers seat of our car .   *we get to our seats on the plane*   "are you ready Symph" I ask looking at my sister she has so much excitement and fear in her eyes "yeah I just don't like this part of the flight" she explains "yeah I know I've only known you for 17 and a half years" I say she smiles a little at my smartass comment.   *our plane lands and we get to our hotel we are staying in until we get a house*   "Stella do you want to go to the beach" she asked me I'm not really an outdoor person but the beach we were close to was nearly empty so I agree to go "what bikini are you going to wear" my sister asked "umm maybe my black and blue lace one" I said "someone wants to get noticed don't they" she said cheekily before taking her bikini and running into our bathroom "you are such a chicken god" I said quietly so she couldn't hear me   *ten minutes later*   "you ready to go now" I asked watching her put her sandals on and walking over to me "yup have you got your phone" she asked witch was kinda stupid cause she knew I go no where without my phone "of course lets go" we go into the elevator and get to the beach when we get there we see four boys, two were playing some type of ball game and the other two were sat on their phones occasionally laughing  at something not going to lie I found the boy with green hair extremely hot and just by looking at my sister I can tell she is into the other boy sat beside the boy with green hair   there where two chairs beside them and they were the only free ones my sister insists on sitting in the seat closest to the boys I lay down in the chair beside her and put my sunglasses on when I hear my sister talking to someone I only picked up a few things before I sat up   "oh hello you must be Stella" the boy with green hair that I found extremely hot was sat at the end of my chair "h-hi" I replied "oh sorry my names Michael you're probably wondering were you're sister is" I look over to the empty chair beside me, where did she go?? then I look back at Michael "she went with my friend Luke to play beach ball with our friends Ashton and Calum" he says whilst gesturing over to the dark haired boy and the blonde curly haired boy "oh" that's all I manage to say "I think your sister is into Luke" he says with a little chuckle at the end "yeah definitely , why didn't you go and play?" I asked "well one I'm not really a sporty person" he said "understandable" I said before he told me the second reason " and two I thought you were really cute and wanted to talk to you" he said which I found incredibly cute "oh well umm since were talking about this I think you're cute as well" I said back not taking my sunglasses of and looking at him he was pretty pale but it was cute.   "oh um thank you I was wondering if I could get your number" he asked "yeah of course" he gave me his phone and I put my number in he didn't have that much contacts personally I thought he would of had more but I kinda liked it to show that he doesn't just go out asking for numbers "there" I gave him back his phone a second later I get a text "it's from me so u could have my number as well" he said we kept on chatting until my sister comes back literally laughing her head off while talking to three other boys "Stella the boys wanted us to show them our dance warm up" she said now serious "umm ok" I replied "so you will do it with me" she asked again I honestly didn't mind showing our warm up routine I was more 'flexible' then her and she always wanted me to show my routine "yeah sure"   as I get off the chair and walk over to her she whispered to me "don't make me look bad please I really like Luke" she said I could tell this meant a lot to her but I wasn't about to embarrass myself in front of the boy I like and his friends she wanted me to start off with an aerial of course I did it its piece of cake but symphony only learned how to do one 3 weeks ago she landed perfectly we kept going until she told me to stop I went back over to Michael and he whispered in my ear "you are perfect I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date some time" his whisper is super sexy god "ok text me later and we could arrange it" I whisper back he puts his arm around my neck  "ok" my sister notices us then realises the time "Stella we should get going we have dance practise tomorrow at seven thirty" she said while standing up and brushing some sand off of her it was 9:30pm "yeah ok" I say to her then I turn my face back to Michael and kiss him on the cheek "do you want me to walk you home" "its ok we are staying at that hotel right there" I say pointing at the hotel right beside the beach "ok then text me when you get back home" he says in a really sexy and cute voice "ok" I say before standing up "it was nice meeting you all" me and my sister say in almost unison "BYE" they all shout whilst Michael gives me a wink and slightly bites his lip god he is perfect   *when we get back to our hotel and get our pj's on and get in bed*   me; hey Michael I'm going to bed now message you when I get up. xxxx Michael; ok baby talk to you tomorrow night sweet dreams. xxxx   ​"symphony he called me baby!!!" I screamed "so that's what you two were doing when me and the other boys talked" she said while laughing "shut up u were same with Luke" "I wasn't grinding on him though" "I was not grinding on Mikey!!!" "yeah ok" and with that we both fell asleep god how did today become the best day of my life                            








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