*WIP* continued!

I continued the thing! woo!! and thanks for you 90 lovely people who read the first part!

we dwell further into the winer soldiers settlement in Bucharest


1. ugh - i need help with titles - anyone any ideas?



Thats why.


I dont recall what.


But my last mission…


It had failed?


smoke , gunfire

Someone begging

My target

I didn’t do it.

My handler had to.

Do it.


After that i have no memory - no idea how i even remember anything.


But currently here we were…


Assets without handlers.


He said that I should stop saying it.


,,we’re not assets’’ he had said


,,not anymore’’ he added and we didnt say anything after that.


And we went from the quarters to Germany.


Vienna, Berlin too i think.


Right now Bucharest.


He had gotten us a flat. How i dont know - it didn’t contain much. Kitchen, sofa, closets bathroom.


It felt strange


,,we live here now.’’ he had said quietly, closing the door after us. I looked around unsure; it was open, right out to the streets, windows.

We could easily be targeted.


I pointed it out to him.


,,they won’t.’’ his brows furrowed and i looked outside, his left hand grabbed my shoulder


,,they won’t’’ he repeated


Despite the sofa and four chairs we rarely used them.

The sofa we only slept on individually if we had bad nights

The chairs only when we were absolutely sure that nothing could happen.


He carried a notebook with him constantly - and especially when he had bad nights he would frantically scribble down on the pages what he remembered - sometimes he’d tell me about the things he remembered - not knowing what to do with his sayings i only listened intently


For him most nights were surprisingly still while i often got woken up by my own screaming and him trying to get me to wake up


However he still had episodes like that as well - if i slept through them or if they just were rare i didnt know


Lets just say that it happens to hurt getting punched by a full out metal arm.

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