Rebellion With A Sprinkle Of Magic

Raphaleah French isn’t a normal teenager, and she doesn’t want to be. When she was six, her father mysteriously disappeared and they were told he died, but Raphaleah knows better. When she returns to high school senior year after a year of radio silence she meets the new guy. Mysterious, rich and very handsome Bellamy has been looking for a girl for almost a century and he is sure he found her.

Leah and Bellamy quickly befriend each other with only a little bickering and absolutely no disagreements. At all. Seriously. Leah has a hard time dealing with her past, what happened last year? And what happened to her dad? Raphaleah and Bellamy quickly finds themselves sucked into a dangerous world of magic and mysteries, how does Leah deal with her newfound powers and is Bellamy who she thought he was?


2. Pizza Or Nah?

Leah's P.O.V


Yes, I would love too, a really, a much, a lot. But I can’t, my next class starts in 3 minutes and my mom’s gonna kill me if she found out I left school with a random guy the first day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t save it for later “maybe another time, little good girl has to go do good girl stuff” I purr softly, so that he can barely hear me but he does, because he smirks and sends me a wink before going towards his really awesome whatever-brand-it-is car and takes off without looking back. I shuffle into class a minute too late and gets a hard glare from everyone when the door closes behind me. I reply with the middle finger where the teacher won’t see it.

I learn his name is Bellamy, that no one knows anything about him aside from Anton who seems to be hanging out with him quite a lot. He’s from Britain because he’s got that posh accent that drives everyone crazy, including me, and he’s well trained under the worn leather jacket. Big guns, ripped stomach and sleeve tattoos which okay, hot. He’s pretty fucking rich, which means my mom wouldn’t disagree that much, but he also fucks literally every hot girl within a ten foot pole, so there’s that. Also, he’s good at it.


When John picks me up in the fancy BMW of some sort I finally get to relax a bit. First day wasn’t that bad. Apart from Zara giving me the death glare when I chased after Bellamy but whatever. People talked to me if they were forced to otherwise they just ignored me the best they could. Including Amanda and Mieke who used to be my besties but whatever.


Mom is already home when I arrive, and Marie is cooking dinner. I walk upstairs without as much as a hello. I throw my bag behind my door and flop onto my queen sized bed and just revels in the feel of the softness embracing me. I could really use some pizza right now.


I manage to get some homework done because of-fucking-course there’s homework the first day of school? Thomas knocks on my door and sticks his head in “dinner is ready, Marie made some fancy sort of italian pasta thing” I jump out of my bed and quickly change into some fancy dress with jewelry before following Thomas downstairs and into the dining room, that ofcourse is with dark furniture, expensive cutlery and a freaking chandelier. I sit down next to Thomas, in front of my mom and nod politely at her. She replies with a strained smile. We say our thanks before digging in and I barely get one bite of a meatball of some sorts before my mom starts asking about school, while I have food in my mouth! great way of getting the upper hand,she levels me with a glare only I notice and if the others do they don’t say anything. I finish chewing and put down my fork before clearing my throat “school was fine, thanks for asking mom” I reply politely. The tension is thick enough to cut with a knife and both Thomas and Charlie are staring down at their plates “better than a psyko hospital anyways, less freaks” I say, still politely but with a hint of anger. 3, 2, 1 aaaand there she goes “can we talk under four eyes darling, in the living room perhaps?” it isn’t a question it’s an order and I don’t have any choice but to obey. So I get up and brush my dress, following her into the livingroom.


“Honey, we talked about this, last year never happened and we won’t be discussing it again, nevertheless mentioned, I thought we were clear about that” she has a polite smile plastered and her posture is straight, an acceptable lady. I quirk an eyebrow and lean on the armrest of a flowery armchair “yeah you were clear, I just didn’t agree” she fumes but keeps her tone light “well darling that wasn’t even a discussion! You have no choice” I see red, not only is she telling me what to do but she was the one who put me there “oh so you place me in a mental institution, for a year of my life when I didn’t even need to be there, and then you expect me just to forget it?” mom shifts on her feet “yes” she simply states and smiles at me “yes? YES? I wasted an entire year of my life in that hell hole, just so that I wouldn’t ruin your reputation, if I wasn’t crazy before I sure as hell am now! Do you know how it felt to be there? Waking up at night because people were screaming about shadows following them, and not having any friends because they were all insane, why mom, WHY? Would you put me in a place like that?” she’s taken aback by that, her hands har posed in front of her like she’s trying to shield herself and her mouth is formed in an o shape. “Darling, I love you, there is no need to get angry, you’re my daughter and I send you there to protect you, this has nothing to do with my reputation, I love you okay?” she slowly moves towards me, still with her hands shielding her. Like I am a wild animal, that needs to be calmed down “no you don’t, my stepfather and brother loves me more than you do” she startles and a shadow glides over her face “that’s because they don’t know who you are” her voice is no longer the sweet tone meant to relax me, this one is cold and hurtful. My chest aches and my eyes get blurry with tears “you know what? you win, I’ll be your perfect daughter, I’m gonna go to Yale or Harvard or whatever the fuck you want, I’m gonna marry  a rich man that I don’t even love and I’m gonna hide the real me from the rest of the world, but don’t ever expect me to talk to you again, you’re dead to me” with that, I leave the room with the little dignity I have left, I pass the others without so much as a look towards them. I walk downstairs to the basement, into the garage. I take a car key from the cabinet and jump into whatever car the car keys match, in this case it’s a black, sleek Jaguar of some sorts and I leave through the gates that some guard opened for me, knowing well enough to not get in between me and whatever I’ve set for at the time.


I drive around for about an hour, I may have violated the speed limit a little bit but only just that, a little bit. I swear.

I stop at a pizza place when I realize I left in the middle of dinner, and buy a huge cheese pizza with extra cheese, and a little more cheese. It’s sounds a little cheesy but what can I say, I like cheese. I sit in the car ready to take a bite when an idea strikes “omg” I whisper as I pull out my Iphone, this is genius or maybe not so, but whatever. I find Anton on facebook and sends him a message;


What’s Bellamy’s address?




Because I need it


You know he’s gonna kill me for this right?

I doubt that ;)





Success! I set my car in gear and race out of the parking lot, not overstepping any speed limits, mind you. I’m a responsible driver after all. -And head towards Bellamy’s house.


“Leah?” Bellamy is standing in the door with a pair of flannel pajama pants and bare torso, not a bad sight to be honest. His curly brown hair is disheveled and completely out of control, and he is wearing glasses. Perfect. “I brought pizza” I lift up the pizza and shoulder past him, he closes the door and turns towards me “erh, not that I’m complaining or anything because pizza and you know-” he motions towards my dress “-but why?” I clear my throat “well, everyone else at the school knows what a psychopath I am and you don’t so you are basically my only chance of a friend or whatever, in this place so pizza’s with extra cheese” his head seems to be clearing up because he smiles, an actual smile which is, unfair, but welcome.

“Okay, uh, my room is that way” he nods towards the staircase and motions I go ahead “the last door to the right, I’ll get something to drink” he doesn’t ask what I prefer but then again neither did I when I bought pizza so whatever. I walk upstairs, down the hallway and walk through the door into Bellamy’s room. It’s not the least bit of personal. It looks like guestroom, with a huge bed, white bedsheets, white walls and a single piece of art on the wall. There is a full length mirror on what seems to be a door, perhaps into a bathroom and  the entire western wall is all window out to the garden that is lit up by some victorian styled street lamps of some sort. There is also a TV and a bedside table in white painted wood. I put the pizza on the bed and join in after I pick up the remote and turn on the huge flat screen TV. A minute or five later, Bellamy walks in the door and puts two glasses of water with ice cubes on the bedside table, and join me on the bed. “Pizza?” I hand him a large piece and he accepts it, lifts it up momentarily as thanks before taking a huge bite of it “oh my god, how are your mouth so big what the fuck” I laugh and take a piece for myself, he just smiles “no idea, probably genes or something” his words are muffled because he has, you know, food in his mouth. When he finishes his piece he turns his body towards me. “Okay, I just need to know why you chose exactly now to knock on my door with pizza. Because if you wanted me to be your friend you could do it literally any other time” he hesitates and looks like he has more to say but just shakes his head “my mom was being a bitch, and since neither Charlie nor Thomas is my real family they don’t feel they have the right to bud in when she is overreacting” Bellamy lifts an eyebrow and I sit up straighter “my dad died when I was six, and my mom married Charles Alexander three months later, bringing him and his son into our family” his eyes are searching my face “I hated them to start with, my dad literally just died, but after some time I started befriending my stepbrother, Thomas, because he was really cool and annoyingly smart and with him came Charlie, my stepfather, automatically. So I actually started liking them, whilst I started hating my mom” Bellamy laughs shortly and takes another piece of pizza “and because I was a teenager, we’re talking around fourteen here, the only thing I could do to show her my annoyance was rebellion, and with that I was starting to fuck up her reputation so she sended me to some freak house with these psykos and I was there for a year and now I’m back” Bellamy starts chewing on the crust, thank god he’s one of them, and nods slowly “yes I am a psychopath, apparently, do you have a problem?” knowing his words before he even thought them “well, no I don’t but how can a little teenage rebellion lead to psychiatric hospital? I’m assuming that’s what you mean with  freak house filled with psykos” I chuckle and shrug “I honestly don’t know, she can be very persuasive if she want’s too, wouldn’t be surprised if she convinced someone I was crazy” Bellamy chuckles, a low and warm sound which I find myself liking. A lot. “you seem pretty open about this” It’s not really a question but he looks curious, leaned back onto the headboard, relaxing in his pillows “yeah well, the second we graduate I’m going to leave this place and travel the world, my family won’t approve but who the hell cares what they think? Well, Thomas will definitely approve but that doesn’t mean my mom won’t cut me off for good, the only reason she hasn’t done it yet is because I’m underage and I’m pretty sure her ‘friends’ absolutely loves me” the room grows silent and Bellamy nods. “What about you, Bellamy? Any annoying family members, mom? dad?” Bellamy bites his cheek probably thinking if he should tell me, but settles on trusting me “they’re dead” he must see the shock on my face because he quickly recovers “no, no don’t worry! I barely knew them” I let out a relieved sigh “no offense but I hate the I sorry speech, got it one too many times after my dad” I clear my throat “oh Darling your father was a good and respected man, I’m sorry” I imitate a pitchy voice, Bellamy laughs “whenever I tell people they’re dead they do exactly the same, you should’ve heard Anton” I smile and Bellamy returns it “I grew up with my uncle, aunt and some cousins, I love them but they’re not my family at least not the one I want you know” I nod and smile at him.

    Second Chapter, next up is Bellamy's side of this!   Love,   Alie
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