Rebellion With A Sprinkle Of Magic

Raphaleah French isn’t a normal teenager, and she doesn’t want to be. When she was six, her father mysteriously disappeared and they were told he died, but Raphaleah knows better. When she returns to high school senior year after a year of radio silence she meets the new guy. Mysterious, rich and very handsome Bellamy has been looking for a girl for almost a century and he is sure he found her.

Leah and Bellamy quickly befriend each other with only a little bickering and absolutely no disagreements. At all. Seriously. Leah has a hard time dealing with her past, what happened last year? And what happened to her dad? Raphaleah and Bellamy quickly finds themselves sucked into a dangerous world of magic and mysteries, how does Leah deal with her newfound powers and is Bellamy who she thought he was?


1. Hello There Handsome

Leah's P.O.V


First day of school is a day of mixed feelings, you’re happy because you are reunited with your friends but like, everything sucks because you’re also reunited with your 102 year old history teacher who is also a librarian and you know, homework. Except first day of school, in a new school is not so mixed, it’s just hell. Especially if the school isn’t new, you just happened to drop out and disappear for a whole year and then return for your senior year of high school with people who used to be your friends, but are now completely different human beings with their own lives, that has seemingly nothing to do with you. So yes, I think we can agree that I’m not particularly excited for school this morning.


I get out of bed, put on some ripped skinny jeans and a flannel that used to be my dads. I cover my eyes in eyeliner and put on some apple cider chapstick before jumping down the stairs skipping multiple steps and almost falling over the tiny black cat that decides in just that moment to walk by, and looks almost offended that I didn’t just run into it and squash it into nothingness “ungrateful asshole” I mutter under my breath before continuing into the kitchen where our maid is making eggs and bacon “uuh! breakfast!” I almost climb over the table to grab a piece of bacon just as my mom walks in. In her typical work outfit with a pencil skirt, a button up and a blazer matched with her clicking stilettos and expensive jewelry. “Leah!” she looks almost disappointed and shoots me a controlled glare, before looking me up and down and pointing at my outfit “is that what you are gonna wear for your first day of school? Darling, you do realize that these people will judge for the rest of the year based on what you wear today?” I shrug, indifferent “so what, I don’t care what they think about me, the second I graduate I will never have to look at any of them ever again” mom sighs and looks at me for a minute before seeming to give up and smiling at Marie, the maid, and walking into our fancy living room with marble floor, expensive animal rugs, golden vases of various designers and furniture that looks like it belongs in queen Elizabeth's tea room or whatever you call it. “we’re leaving for school in half an hour, be ready! We can’t have you show up late for your first day of school!” I hum in agreement and grab an extra piece of bacon. I jump up on the counter next to Marie and talk with food in my mouth “she hasn’t changed at all, has she?” I quirk an eyebrow at Marie’s hesitation “well yes, she missed you and she isn’t drinking as much as she used to? I think, Maybe, I don’t know?” Marie scrambles to explain herself but I cut her off with a flick of my wrist “don’t worry about it, give her two days and she’s forcing me to participate in one of those awful fundraiser banquets that rich people go to because they have no idea what to do with their money so they just throw them at people who aren’t actually getting them, to make themselves feel better” Marie laughs, albeit a little forced. Whatever, i tried I think as I jump down from the counter and make my way into the living room, I walk over to my stepdad Charles and gives him a little peck on the cheek “morning Charlie” I chirp as I flop down onto the couch next to him and lean in over the screen of his tablet to see what he is doing, something with money is what I settle on and cross my legs looking innocently up at my mom who stares suspiciously at me. My mom is like her cat, a cold hearted bitch, Charlie is cool enough though. He will never be my dad but then again no one ever will, so Charlie is as good as it gets “Morning sweety” Charlie presses an absentminded kiss to my temple and returns to his tablet. “Are you ready?” mom is now standing in the doorframe with a quirked eyebrow and an expectant posture “yeah, yeah, coming” I mumble, stand up and walk straight past her into the hallway, pulling on a jacket and my combat boots I start yelling so Thomas will hear me “See you later Thomas, we’re leaving!” another cat, this one with long grey fur walks in between my legs and rub herself on my jeans leaving some fur in her path “jeez, thanks Annabeth, appreciate it” I deadpan and straighten my back as Thomas, my step brother, comes down the stairs with his Harvard sweater and his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, he smiles at mom and winks at me before going into the kitchen, probably to get a refill of coffee, while throwing a “later” over his shoulders. I roll my eyes, swing my backpack over my shoulder and step outside to be greeted by our chauffeur.  




Bellamy's P.O.V


I arrive at school 20 minutes early, skipping opening the door of my ferrari 458 spider, jump directly out instead, and pressing the car key not having to check if it’s locked as a click sounds. Anton walks up to me and starts rambling about god knows what while I run my eyes over Zara Peters but Anton gets my attention by the mentioning of a new girl. I stop abruptly causing Anton to bump into my shoulder “new girl?” I quirk an eyebrow and Anton starts rambling again, this time I’m actually listening “yeah this girl, uh, Leah! She’s the stepdaughter of Charles Alexander, she uh went to school here but last year she just kinda disappeared and no one really knows what she was doing or where she was but there’s rumors that she was married away to some millionaire in India because her family was losing money but seeing that she’s really young and that she’s back I doubt that’s for real but-” “Anton!” I cut him off “I don’t give a shit about that, tell me about her how does she look, huh?” I smirk and Anton wrecks his brain “well I’m assuming she has changed a lot the last year, but she’s blonde? Like really long naturally curly hair, she was also like, really tiny but still like hot in a silent nerdy girl kind of way I don’t know though?” I smile at Anton and clap him on the back interesting I think as we enter the school.


Turns out Anton wasn’t wrong, she is tiny, like really, really small. But hot, her big blonde curly hair has some faded pastel blue, the same colour as her eyes, in the ends and though she is tiny she has a fierce demeanor, from the stubborn set of her jaw to the straight posture of her back. It’s actually pretty adorable. Although her personality doesn’t really scream any kind of cute little girl. “Hey It’s me Leah, the rich kid who gets everything she points at” she tilts her head and sends a sugarsweet, sarcastic smile and goes to claim her given seat in the second row next to the window, also, right in front of me. Mr. Crayon winces at the her tone and starts class.

Although she didn’t really seem like she wanted to be here, she’s actually paying attention in school. She keeps Mr. Crayon on his toes by raising her hand all the time and questioning everything he says and replying with sassy but clever comments. By the end of the period it’s safe to say that she’s probably made for me.


That idea is quickly squashed when Zara walks up to her in the hallway cornering her at her locker “Raphaleah French, long time no see!” she says maybe a little too over excited and plasters a fake smile on her lips. Raphaleah. French. Raphaleah French. Raphaleah fucking French. Of-fucking-course, my dad didn’t just leave me here to flirt with hot girls. Thanks dad. Appreciate it. I think to myself as I slam my locker close, pull a pack of cigarettes out of my pocket and walk outside. I only get to light the cigarette before a tiny hand comes and snaps it out of my mouth, throws it on the ground and steps on it. I don’t even get to complain before the hand grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me down to meet a pair of soft but insistent lips that forces me to open my mouth only to somehow slide a mint onto my tongue and break the kiss. When I finally get my shit together the tiny blonde is standing in front of me, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand “you just ruined everything I found attractive about you by pulling out that pack of cigarettes, you do realize smoking fucking kills, right?” she stares annoyed at me with a cute pout probably meant to be angry-looking. “yes I am aware” a beat “wait, you find me attractive?” I smirk but she just scoffs “did, remember?” she points to the now squished cigarette on the ground. She starts picking at her flannel avoiding my eyes, this is probably not gonna work, but it's worth a chance so... “wanna get out of here?”.



First Chapter, I hope you liked it!






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