Dempseys side effects

A story about how 115 effects the body of tank Dempsey the team badass and how he reacts to the sickness

Gruesome, horror, gross, do not read if you have a weak stomach


4. the siege

I have been alive for centuries killing mankind letting the repopulate killing then again out of sheer hunger one species worshiped me like a god until I ate them all. Then i traveled back in time out of sheer guilt I couldn't get my friends faces out of my mind. How I killed them and ate them. I went back in time to before I had turned and I help myself and my friends survive until I was found out I had decomposed more over the centuries so you couldn't tell I was good old tank. They didn't kill me right away then In a series of events I had created a paradox where my friends and my unzombified self became the ancients they were worshiped I was forgotten. My rage had built up again when it was released even the staffs couldn't save my friends I tore them to shreds again and for centuries I never left France I had taken it as my duty to keep the meat bags In my area never to let them out on the world again.

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