My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


6. The perfect date for the perfect girl.

Jay being the man that he was had a surprise for Hana. There was no special day on the calendar but Jay wanted to surprise her.

Jay: Bae Adam called he needs me to fill in for someone at work.

Hana: You sure you have to go.

Jay: Yeah only a couple of hours, I promise.

Hana: Fine!!

Jay: Love you <3

As Jay left he was not planning on going to work he had to set up the perfect date for a girl who deserved it.

Jay ran around like a crazy man setting up the park and calling together friends.

Jay: Yeah Adam get down to the park ASAP!! Why cause I said so now move!!

Hana: I wonder what bae is up to?

Hana: lemme call him.

Jay: Who's calling me? (looks at his phone and see's bae's face)

Jay:Hey bae how are you?

Hana: Where are you it doesn't sound like work.?!?

Jay: im outside i didn't feel good so i went for a walk.

Hana: Are you sure Jay?!?

Jay: Yeah for sure ill be home soon.

Hana: Oki I miss you Jay<3.

Jay: Miss you to love <3!!

As the day went past Jay brought Hana's image of a perfect date to life.

Jay: It's time people im going to get her.

Hana: ( Hears her phone ringing where is that phone) hello

Jay: Guess whoo!!

Hana: Yaaaay are you coming home now!!

Jay: No I called to say get dressed were going out.

Hana: Wait really what about work?!?

Jay:Just get dressed im coming to get you okay.

As jay walked up to the door Hana flew outside.

Hana: So where we going?!? The Mall, Resturaunt, ooo jogging!

Jay: Umm, How bout the park.

As they arrived at the park she realized somethings

Hana: Jay why are all our friends here and why is it so set up and nice?

Jay: I have something I need to ask you and I needed the boys here with me.

Jay and his friends danced and as the dance came to a close Jay slowely walked up to Hana got on one knee and asked her this.

Jay: Hana I know we have only been together for a short period of time. But in this time i've come to realize i can't live without you, so i ask you this will you marry me??






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