My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


1. The life i almost wish I didn't live!

With much effort Jay wakes up to a bit of a suprise.

Hana: You should try waking up on time study says it healthy!!!!

Jay: Morning Hana do you realize the time your waking me up at?!?!

Jay: Oh and please cover yourself, I know your my lady friend but still.

Hana: Okaay gosh Mr. Drama, what has your  undies in a bunch?

Jay: First they're not undies they are Captain America boxers!!

Jay: Goosh!!

Hana: (laughs softly) Babe I only tease you cause I love you!!

Jay: Yeah whatever. (hiding a loving smile)

Hana: So do you work today, or do I have my love today??

Jay: Sorry love, I gotta be a drone of the government for today. But I get off early so wait for me.

Hana: Aww oki fine well at least I have the hottest man in Brooklyn.

Jay: No way lol. 

Hana: yes way no point in arguing!! 

Jay: Can I go to work now?!?

Hana: Not if I don't get my love so come her!!


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