My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


7. The big step!

As Jay wakes up he realizes what today is and immediately gets sad. He knows his fiance is leaving to go back to Croatia. 

Hana: What's wrong Jay?!?

Jay: ...

Hana: Jay!!

Jay: Today you have to go home and leave me here.

Hana: don't say it like that you are speaking as if we won't speak anymore!

Jay: Do you know that every morning I thank God for letting me wake up next to you?!?

Jay: Guess i can stop doing that. 

Hana: Jay remember what you said to me the day we started dating?

Jay: I remember. (Looking up sadly)

Hana: No matter the distance we will forever love each other.

Hana: Our love is greater than any amount of space.

Jay: I know but...

Hana: SHHHHH!!!

Hana: Be happy my love.(holding his face)

Jay: Okay.

Hana: Now help me pack my flight leaves in 4 hours and im no where near ready!

As they packed they both new this would be the last time they did something together for a long time.

Soon they were done and on there way to the airport.

Jay: Will you miss me?

Hana: Of course!!

Jay: Okay

As they pulled up to the airport they both just stopped and took a moment to realize this was real.

Jay: I will miss you so much. 

Hana: I will miss you to!

Jay walks hana to her gate then say...

Jay:Well have a safe flight and...

Before jay could finish his sentence Hana wraps him in a hug. Jay hugs her back smiling so he won't cry.

Hana: You call me every day okay even at work.(crying as she spoke)

Jay: I promise i will.

Jay: I love you Hana!

Hana: I love you jay!

As she turned to board her plane Jay called out and she turn and saw him mouth the words "I love you"

She ran back and kissed him for the last time. Then she was gone.

Jay drove home quietly knowing she was truly gone now. As he pulled up to his apartment, he let out a cry he had been holding in all night.

For the next couple months jay and Hana spoke through Skype. They were happy but not like old times so jay had a plan that sounded crazy even to him.

So he called adam.

Jay: Hey adam im not gonna be at work for a while, so i was calling to ask for sometime off but was wondering if i could get my last payment now?

Adam: Um sure but what is this about dude, mind telling your best friend what's up?!?

Jay: i'm moving to Croatia!

Adam: Sure yeah okay.

Jay: I'm serious!

Adam: I know.

So jay gets paid then goes straight home to buy his plane ticket. After buying his ticket he calls hana.

Hana: Hey bae what's going on your phone has been off all day???

Jay: I'm coming to croatia tonight bae!

Hana: Wait are you serious?!?

Hana: does adam know yeah?

Jay: Yeah I told him this yesterday.

Hana: So you're actually coming OMG i can't believe it.

Jay: Well Believe cause im boarding my flight now.

Hana: OMG

Jay: Bae I love you but I got to go people are turning off there phones, will you be there when i land?

Hana: I'm already on my way(she said this as she was closing her care door)

As Hana waited after arriving at the airport and going to arrivals she wondered if maybe Jay was pranking her, then she heard the announcer lady say (The flight from brooklyn, New York just landed) she got happy again but also nervous.

5 minutes pass and people are coming out the gate she is just waiting for one person.

Another 5 minutes passes and less people are coming out and she thinks "oh no" but right as she thought that, there he was. 


she runs up and wraps him in the biggest hug ever!!

after what seem like forever they let go of each other then Jay sees her

Jay: So you must be Teah.

Teah: And you must be Golam, just kidding yeah i'm teah nice to meet you, Hana wont shut up about you.

Jay: Really (smiles softly) 

Hana: I do to stop lying gosh teah.


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