My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


4. An Amazing day at work with my girlfriend!!

With his girlfriend at work, Jay for once had a good day at work.

Jay: Next in line please.

Hana: Do you have to work much longer bae? This is boooring!!!

Jay: I will be done in ten minutes. 

Hana: Yaaay!! Then I get to Enjoy having my love all to myself.

Jay: Of course so for now please act like you work here.

Hana: Welcome to Barnes and Noble how may my wonderful boyfriend and I be of service.

As Jay and Hana finished work and clocked out, Jay realized he wanted some love from Hana!!

So they said byee to everyone and ran home!!

Hana: Bae why the rush to get home so early??

Jay: I guess I wanted some time alone with my future wife?

Hana: Awww!!

Jay: Come here i need my hugs and love!!




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