My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


5. A day for us.

As the love birds lay still Jay realized, maybe he should shower. So he tries to get up but Hana knows better.

Hana: Where are you going bae, I need you here with me.

Jay: Just to bathe love i'm going no where beyond reach.

Hana: Not now bae pleeease!!

Jay: Don't I smell bad?!?

Hana: You smell love drunk bae now come back to bed and lay down with me.

Jay: But but.

Hana: No butts here except for yours and mine.

Hana: Now come I know being shirtless you must be freezing.

Hana tired of asking nicely, jumps out onto Jay and drags him to bed. 

Jay: I guess this means I have to stay then.

Hana: Don't act like you don't feel warmer already dear.

Jay: I feel warmer but.

Hana: Shhhh just lay with me.

Jay: Okay.

Jay: This does feel nice. 

Hana: Of course snuggling with your girlfriend feels nice, now look at me I wanna show you something.

As Jay looked he got what he had been looking for all day, a loving kissing from the one he held most dear.


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