The Ridgalite

The Rigalite focuses on the People who lived in Marina Avenue in the Ridges Estate in North Shields. Eddie Saint owns the Roaring venture a trawler moored at the fish quay- his crew work hard and play hard - one of them is Ron Lee a young lad who has aspirations of becoming a rock star. He was in the Royal Navy on board the HMS Illustrious as a trained chef before joining the trawler boat. The lads all tell him that his songs are crap because they don't wan't to lose a good cook. The story also tells of two rival shop keepers- Ronnie Hancock and Billy Burston have been each others throats for years- read the comic antics of both men. "The Ridgalite is an insite of life in the early sixties on an an estate with high unemployment and little hope - where every day is a constant struggle. There are some though who prove that if you have hope then dreams can come true.


57. 57

They all took out their black leather jackets and made there way to the front of the plane.

“See you all in Brooklyn said Sandra and the other girls as she handed Paul a phone number.’

They went through customs, got their luggage and musical equipment, and then headed for the exit where a large van was waiting.

A big black guy held up a sign with Ron Lees name on it and they walked towards him.

“Welcome to the United States of America.’ Have you guys been here before?’

“No man this is our first time.’

“You’re gonna love it here boys, I tell you, the women will be throwin’ themselves at you.’

“My name is Denzel Williams and I’ve been instructed to take you to your hotel.’

“Pleased to meet you Denzel; where are we dossing?’

“Man you ain’t dossin’ you is stayin’ at the Hilton all courtesy of Mr Johnson.’

“Your shittin’ us Denzel.’

“I shit you not believe me; anything you want and I mean anything you are to just ask me okay.’

“Well you can start by ringing this number for us as there are some ladies who are going to be keeping us company.

Mr Johnson has already laid on some of the best lookin’ chicks you ever saw they will be joining you later but if you still want me to ring these ladies I will.

“No you’re alright Denzel they drove through New York. It was six in the morning here; the place was really busy with delivery vans and people going to work. The subway signs had people rushing for trains. They past 207th street and Inwood on there way to Manhattan they drove past Grand Central Station to Riverside Drive where the Hilton was situated. “If you guys check in and someone will show you to your room I will drop your gear off and come and collect you later. Enjoy yourself and remember order anything you like.

“Thanks Denzel; Ron went to give him a tip and he refused saying that Mr Johnson was paying him.’

They went through the revolving door twice because they liked it then headed to the reception desk.

“Hello, we were told to come here; we are Satan’s Claw a rock band from England.

Mr Lee I believe, yes we have been expecting you. Our porters will take your luggage for you.

“Tyrone,’ would you show these gentlemen to their rooms please.’

“Yes Mam said a young black boy dressed in a red uniform with brass buttons highly polished and a red hat with a black peak. He led them to the elevator to the twenty fifth floors. Once there he showed them to their room. They went inside and it was huge with a massive window that looked out onto the whole city. There was a plush carpet on the floor and long sofas to sit on. A huge TV in the middle was switched on and there was American football, Baseball, Basket ball, boxing, in fact there were loads of channels to choose from.  On the left of the room there was a fully stocked bar with beer in the fridge and every spirit that you could think of.

Ron poured them all a Jack Daniels each with coke and ice then he picked up the menu and looked to see what they could have to eat. There was leaflets from various restaurants and cafes with pictures of these huge burgers that came with what they called fries. “Food I think boys I’m starving said Barry as he picked up the phone it was answered immediately by the young lady on reception. 

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