The Ridgalite

The Rigalite focuses on the People who lived in Marina Avenue in the Ridges Estate in North Shields. Eddie Saint owns the Roaring venture a trawler moored at the fish quay- his crew work hard and play hard - one of them is Ron Lee a young lad who has aspirations of becoming a rock star. He was in the Royal Navy on board the HMS Illustrious as a trained chef before joining the trawler boat. The lads all tell him that his songs are crap because they don't wan't to lose a good cook. The story also tells of two rival shop keepers- Ronnie Hancock and Billy Burston have been each others throats for years- read the comic antics of both men. "The Ridgalite is an insite of life in the early sixties on an an estate with high unemployment and little hope - where every day is a constant struggle. There are some though who prove that if you have hope then dreams can come true.


17. 17

“So do you believe in God and the holy spirit?’

“I believe that there is a force far greater than us and it controls our destiny. If that is God then I am a believer.’

Does it matter to you that I don’t go to church.’

“No because the Lord calls us to do his work; one day and when the time is right you will know. I will say a prayer for you tonight and hope that the Holy Spirit comes into your life very soon.’

“I have to go now said Paula but you stay with your friends I don’t live very far.’

“No I will walk you home if that’s alright.’ The lads will be alright.’

“Good night boys I will see you all early on Monday morning said Dougie as he escorted Paula out of the club then down the street. Surprisingly she took hold of his hand and they walked along.

“Does holding hands embarrass you Doug?’

“No it doesn’t, I like it actually.’

“So do I especially if I like someone, I mean we hold hands in Church a lot but this is more intimate because there is only us. I would like to think that when I reach old age which is a long way off I know but I would like my husband to still hold my hand.’  

“I think that is really nice.’ Can I ask you a personal question?

“You can ask me anything Doug.’

“Have you had many boyfriends?’

“Oh lots of friends from church; you know from Sunday school and confirmation classes but only one steady boyfriend.’

“Why did it end?’

“He wanted what I could not give him.’

“What was that?’

“He wanted my virginity. I wasn’t ready because I didn’t feel that he was the one I would like to spend my whole life with.’

“I see.’

“What about you?’

“Can I be honest with you?’

“Yes, go ahead tell me.’

“Yesterday I ended my relationship with a girl I had been seeing for over two years.’

“Did you love her?’

“I thought I did Paula but her mother was a controlling influence and it would never have worked, so I ended it.’

“What about now said Paula as she searched his eyes for the truth?’

“Honestly, I can say that I have never met anyone like you and I feel as if I have known you all my life and I feel so relaxed in your presence.’

“Strangely so do I.’ Maybe the Lord has brought us together for a reason Doug.’

“Tonight I will ask him if this is the right path for me and if he has led me to you then this must be the path I must take.’

They crossed the road and Paula stopped outside of the Dock Hotel.

This is where I live; my mother owns this place.’

“I see; well I will say goodnight Paula; see you tomorrow about twelve.’

That’s fine as church finishes at eleven thirty. She leaned in and kissed him again and the feelings were as strong as the first time they had kissed.

Good night Doug she said as she turned and went into the hotel.

Dougie walked up the bank then walked along Shields then onto Waterville road which would take him home.


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