The Ridgalite

The Rigalite focuses on the People who lived in Marina Avenue in the Ridges Estate in North Shields. Eddie Saint owns the Roaring venture a trawler moored at the fish quay- his crew work hard and play hard - one of them is Ron Lee a young lad who has aspirations of becoming a rock star. He was in the Royal Navy on board the HMS Illustrious as a trained chef before joining the trawler boat. The lads all tell him that his songs are crap because they don't wan't to lose a good cook. The story also tells of two rival shop keepers- Ronnie Hancock and Billy Burston have been each others throats for years- read the comic antics of both men. "The Ridgalite is an insite of life in the early sixties on an an estate with high unemployment and little hope - where every day is a constant struggle. There are some though who prove that if you have hope then dreams can come true.


14. 14

 “Yes, but officer it was put here this morning by someone; I didn’t order it. This has caused me not only to lose business but I have had to pay these gentlemen to remove it.

 The officer wrote down something in his little notepad then told Ronnie that the incident would be reported to the council and that he may have to pay a fine.

“What me; I’m not paying no fine for dropping shit that isn’t even mine.’

“I’m sorry sir by under the trade descriptions act of 1937 you are responsible for all rubbish or er other undesirable waste left outside of your shop. Can I have your name sir?’

“Hancock, Ronald.’

Right then Mr Hancock you will be hearing from us again, now I have to go and have words with the shop owner next door.

“What the hell for?’

“Well the proprietor may want to press charges against you.’

“What for I’ve done nothing to him.’

“Yes, but sir you see you have indirectly; you have stopped his business which may have cost him trade.’

“All of my customers have gone to him today this is bloody ridiculous.’ I am going to have words with my free mason friends about this.’

“Isn’t there some other way in which we can sort this out officer he laughed nervously you now I might be able to help you out.’

The officer wrote down attempted bribery in his notepad then went into Billy Burston’s shop. Ronnie saw him nodding and pointing in his direction then holding his nose.

That bastard is laying this on with ten coats he said to the lads as they stopped for a cigarette.

When the policeman returned Ronnie took his number and said that he would be having words with Sergeant Alan Dunlop down at the station.’

“Now sir if you would like to get this mess cleaned and I mean cleaned up and disinfected sharpish. We will dispense with a fine and you will not hear anything about this matter.’ But if for any reason Mr Burston makes a complaint that you have set out to get some kind of revenge act for something that you cannot prove in court; I will have your balls on a platter; is that understood Mr Hancock.’

“Yes officer.’

“Carry on then.’

“Ronnie picked up the pitch fork and restarted work. It was now ten past three and there was still at least half a ton of horse shit to shift. The lads moved more quickly now and at four forty five it was all on the truck. He reluctantly paid the old man and they drove away.

Ronnie brought some Jeyes Fluid in a five litre tin and he scattered it all around and then hosed down the pathway. It was cleaner than it had been in twenty years. He left the shop open to allow the smell of disinfectant to fill the shop. Ronnie stayed open until eleven thirty that night but he had still lost a lot of money.


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