His name is Conner he is the mysterious hot guy that all the girls fond over and he decides to ask me out, Casey the strong, stubborn, nerdy girl. But what happens when he becomes less mysterious. Your gonna wish you never found out why he was so mysterious because now he'll literally be the death of you.


1. Coming Soon!

I thought he loved me, he took everything from me my family, my friends everything and as if it wasn't enough he had to hurt me as well. My friends warned me about him but i didn't listen so they payed the price of my mistake. my family they had bad feelings about him and i ran away to be with him now there dead from my mistake. he said it's my fault i dug to deep, i knew to much, my famly and friends where going to out him everything was going to crash down on im if he didn't kill us all. So thats exactly what he planned.

A little teaser for you guys to whats coing soon hope you guys will like it.


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