The one left behind

He was the one left behind. No one ever saw him again. The story of the unknown. Cover by Kuraisenshi.


2. Chapter 1




I am as wrapped up in her as a vine that clings to a tree seeking for sustenance.

She's tied me to her for eternity.

She's my home.

She's my reason for being.

To win and hold her heart is my only purpose.




Brandon Smith hid behind a tree as a bob of brown hair passed him by at close proximity, and as he watched the brownness smudge into the blossoming sunset of Cali. He wondered how can he have not seen such extravagant beauty of California before. He was both surprised and ashamed of himself. 

It all began two months ago, when Brandon finally realized what was amiss in his life. It was a name. Name known as Delilah Levy.

He first saw Delilah across a cafe sipping peacefully on her dark cappuccino and scribbling something in her notebook, which Brandon later came to realize was so important to Delilah like food to a hungry person.

Brandon never regarded love to be a part of life. He dismissed this feeling simply as childish and those affected by it, to be immature. Till he realized how wrong he was when he saw the smooth,unnaturally graceful move of the hand of the girl sitting across from him. It provoked something very strong and intense in him like his soul on fire and he immediately knew without even thinking about it that he was in love with the girl sitting at the far corner without even knowing her name at that time, and that is how it began for Brandon, his thirst for love and the strong feeling of winning over the girl he saw for the first time and how in the end it will lead to his downfall.












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