Battle Begin!

Two fighters will be pitted against one another, in showdowns that will leave them all scarred, in one way or another. Some more than others... But these fighters are not your average brawlers, but skilled warriors going head-to-head in a battle to survive. But yet all of them are deceived... Let the Battle Begin.


4. Wild Card

A shopping center, filled with lush plants. The ivy crept down the sides of the walls, and the vines hung from the taller leveled balcony walk ways. Mannequins were toppled and broken, ancient and prehistoric products had fallen off the sides of the shelves, and the water from the indoor rivers over flowed on the floor. 

But a girl walked through the bottom floor, looking all around her. Short of hair, and freckled with metal studs upon her face; she was smiley as twirled to look around and around. 

"I love it here. I do love it here." she said to herself. "I bet you don't." she carried on. "Oh I do! What's it to you to tell me otherwise?!" her head darted from left to right as she argued with only herself. "You know nothing, you know that, right?" But as this strange figure bickered and barked, a shadow watched her from the higher levels. The shadow looked confused and bewildered at this odd debater, wondering why on earth she was being so... mad. "I know PLENTY OF THINGS!!" she yelled from down below. The shadow drew out her daggers from her hips, and landed out infront of the stranger. Her feet were dead silent as they hit the ground, and surprised this stranger as she jumped out of her skin. The shadow wore a tight, black jumpsuit that perfectly molded her sleek form. Even her hair was pitch black as it obscured her emerald eyes, somewhat partly. She bowed to the stranger, dipping her body lightly, but the stranger still looked like a startled rat.

"Who's that?! Do you know her?!" she asked herself. "No idea... She looks dodgy to me!" The shadow's expression scowled in rage and her stance changed to battle-ready. "Oh no, no, no! Don't listen to her! She's a bit bonkers. Talks to herself a lot." the stranger giggled, circling a finger around the side of her head. "Name's S! Pleased to meet you!" she greeted, holding out her hand for the shadow to shake. The shadow gave her no such satisfaction as her eyes stared deep into the stranger's with cold ambition. "Not... much for talking, are you?" and the shadow did not respond. "Well... Hope you're not here to kill me, or anything. Those are some pretty pointy looking knives you have." Still the shadow merely glared at her, and so the stranger turned around like a slow cog in discomfort. 
"Told you she was dodgy..." the stranger said, and immediately covered her own mouth with her hands. The shadow had had enough, tossing a spinning knife at the stranger as it sung through the air. 

The stranger ducked straight down, and stood right back up, a drop of sweat coming down her face. "Um... lady! You dropped your knife." she smiled nervously, ducking again as the next knife came at her. "Run you idiot!" she said to herself, and she bolted it down the tall corridors, past all of the stores. The shadow followed the pursuit, taking back her stuck daggers from the walls and parkouring up to the higher levels. The stranger watched from below as her pursuer clambered. 

"Whoa! She's like that... red guy in the suit... Forgotten his name. Shoots stuff from his wrists..." 
"Yeah! Spiderman! Caw, that's a blast from the past!" she continued, chatting to herself as she sprinted hastily. But the shadow jumped down infront of her and blocked her sprinting path. She proceeded by slashing her daggers as they cut through the air, but not her target. The stranger ducked and weaved, being barely skimmed by the vicious blades. 

"Can we..." she began, as she ducked each swing. "talk... about... this?!" she smiled, but a moment paused in her head. "Moron! She doesn't talk, remember!" the shadow grew more and more agitated at the stranger's ramblings, swinging more and more, and faster and faster. "Switch to Plan B!" she yelled, and drew her mighty axe from her back like lightening. She barred the daggers with the axe's handle, and forcefully booted the shadow in the chest. "Oh we're SCREWED!" 
"Keep it together, imbecile! Just a dodgy ninja." she again covered her mouth as she spoke, and continuing to smile innocently. 
"I told you! That girl's crazy! She doesn't mean it!" But the shadow grew ever more impatient, and swung out her daggers again and again. 
"Great going, genius! Now you angered her even more!" she spoke as she still dodged and avoided. 
"YOU keep calling her dodgy when she looks so lovely!" 
The stranger made her second parry and attack, blocking and bringing down her axe with tremendous strength. With no way to block such an attack, the shadow sidestepped as the axe pummeled into the tiled floor and creating a deep dent into the clay. The shadow persisted her onslaught, and the stranger persisted to block and parry. The two exchanged blow after blow and neither could get a lethal hit on the other.

"That all you got, dodgy ninja!" she yelled. 
"Um! She means you're dodgy in that you dodge a lot! Please don't be more mad!" 
The shadow couldn't get any more so. The two girls' weapons clashed as they pushed against one another, continuing to stare in one another's pupils, inches away from each other as their arms shook with stress and pressure. And soon, the stranger's face changed to sorrow. She stepped back, and the two stopped in the still air.    

"You're sad, aren't you?" the stranger said, pitifully. "You've had some bad shizzle done to you, I bet." the shadow panted with fatigue as she listened. "I can read people's eyes, and you're in pain. Oh yes, you're in a lot of pain." the shadow lowered her daggers and became much more lax. "What happened to you, hm? You neglected? By people you love?..." she questioned, tilting her head slightly in curiosity, and the shadow become stone still. "Abandoned? Left alone out in this world whilst you feel like no one cares about you?" faint and subtle tears started to trickle down the shadow's face. "That's what happened, isn't it? Parents? My parents didn't have much love for me either. It's alright." But the tears of sorrow on the shadow's face, soon turned sour as she tensed in fury. 

"YOU KNOW NOTHING!!" the shadow roared, throwing both her daggers at the stranger simultaneously. The first time she had spoke for many, many years. The stranger ducked out of the way and ran as fast as she could around a corner. The shadow, tears still going down her face, ran after the stranger, but she was gone. Vanished. The stranger stood atop the second floor, watching the shadow fall to her knees and hands, her sobbing echoing along the walls. S looked at her with remorse and empathy, running to get away whilst she still could. "See," she said to herself, "told you you knew nothing."

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