Battle Begin!

Two fighters will be pitted against one another, in showdowns that will leave them all scarred, in one way or another. Some more than others... But these fighters are not your average brawlers, but skilled warriors going head-to-head in a battle to survive. But yet all of them are deceived... Let the Battle Begin.


3. Struggle for Power

The central park of the city. The beating heart of the concrete jungle. All of the living wildlife made their homes here, from the wolves making their dens, to the badgers digging their deep holes, and shoals of fish swimming in the lakes. The area was calm and quiet. Not many humans ventured into these overgrown woodlands, for such rich hunting grounds, only the powerful made their homes here. And like territorial beasts, they fended off any who dared trespass. 

A girl of dark brown hair, dressed in black, wandered through the vine infested jungle. The mist hovered about her boots, and handfuls of creatures scattered at her presence. She was a challenger. She wandered into territory she knew she was not welcomed. She knew was being watched, the minute she stepped into the forest. It was not that there was faint sounds, its that there was no sound at all. Utter silence sparked her guard as she whipped around and drew her rapier, holding its tip outwards. A second figure dropped from the trees, and landed with intense quiet.

"You are bold to come here, stranger." the figure sniggered. She marched from out of the shadows and revealed her scarred, pierced face. She looked brutish with her ragged hair, ripped leather attire and slashed biker trousers. "Lost?" 

"I hear this is a good place to hunt. Are you one of the people who claim this as their territory?" she replied; her thick European accent being somewhat understandable. 

"Aye," the brute answered, drawing her huge weapon from her back., "that I am. Here to have a shot at trying to grab my herds?" She unsheathed a bulky scythe, heavy and sluggish. 

"I am rather hungry..." the foreigner said back. 

"So be it." the brute inanely grinned, dashing forward slashing outward with her scythe. The sound of metal rang through the wind as the two weapons clashed. The foreigner took her greater speed to advantage, lashing out her rapier with swift slashes, stabs and thrusts. Having such a large weapon gave the brute a lot to block with. She immovable like a wall, the foreigner's attacks not getting through her defense. And so the foreigner hastily took the fight to the top of the trees. Nimble like a mink, she hopped along the branches, darting from trunk to trunk. "Typical. Avoid and evade." The brute laughed, chasing after her along the ground. She cut down the trees with sweeping arcs and spinning slashes, hacking them down like a farmer scything her crops. The foreigner began to run out of trees to hop to, until she blundered and fell back down to the forest floor. 

The brute leaped up and brought down her scythe upon the foreigner. But still evasive, the foreigner rolled to the side and stood back up right. 

"Too late to run now." she smirked, swinging her scythe in her hands. 

"Too late to surrender." the foreigner replied, charging at her again and keeping her attacks coordinated and precise. But the brute kept blocking them, moving her scythe in arcs around her in all manner of directions. The clanging steel kept ringing in their ears. The brute lashed out herself, swinging her scythe horizontally from left to right. The foreigner kept up her agility, back flipping upwards. 

"Slippery, aren't you little one?" the smile on the brute's face did not fade as she mocked the foreigner. But the foreigner did not reply to her taunts, and held out her rapier. They were in a solid stalemate. One too agile for the other, but one too strong for another. The brute made another lunge, only to avoided with a dolphin roll. "Come 'ere, Princess!" the brute growled. She grabbed the foreigner by the throat and lifted her off of the ground, clutching at her neck and squeezing tightly. The foreign girl began to choke and lose air, struggling to get out of the brute's grip. Thinking like lightning and seeing her opening, she pierced the brute's shoulder with her stinging rapier and the sword punctured through one end and out of the other of the brute's shoulder, making her drop the dainty girl to the floor. She held her shoulder tightly as the foreigner coughed and spluttered on the floor, inhaling air like a vacuum. But she came to her feet, red faced and standing over the kneeling barbarian. The tip of her blade barely touched the brute's other shoulder, a threat. 

"These are my hunting grounds. You're trespassing." she said, emotionless and stale of tone. Yet the brute's hands clasped onto the rapier, bleeding profusely as the edge cut the brute's palms, taking no mind to any source of pain. 

"I've been wounded worse by better." the brute's tossed the rapier out of the foreigner's hands and she threw a punch at the fragile little girl. She recoiled back from the impact to her chin, and they both raised their fists for a fight of attrition. "Show me what you've got, little one." 

The foreigner lashed out with rounding kicks, that hit the brute's steadfast poise, but did not do much. Hit after hit seemed to only make the girl more agitated rather than damaged. The foreigner tried hurling punches at her opponent, but nothing seemed to do anything. She attempted to bring her down from the knees, however, she made a grave mistake. The brute's immense strength merely grabbed her and picked her up like an owner picks up their dog. She slammed the girl onto the ground and body slammed her with her crushing heavy weight. 

"Not much of a rough and tumble kind of girl, are you sweet cheeks?" the brutish girl sniggered, standing above the foreigner and putting a boot on her chest. The foreigner was not beaten yet, grabbing the brute's leg and smashing her on her back to the ground. The straddled her and the foreigner swung cutting punches to her cheeks. Constantly pounding, her punches got more and more withered with fatigue as the brute's mouth started to bleed from the corner of her lips. Eventually, the foreigner's blows stopped completely, and they both panted with blood and sweat. The brute casually pushed her to the side, and the two lay next to one another on the filthy ground, exhausted and equaled. 

"You know what they say..." the foreigner huffed to the sky. "Two heads are better than one." The brute chuckled to herself. "If we keep fighting, I suspect we'll both die..."

"True. We would. Either we keep fighting and we both perish here. Or I guess I could find a worse companion." she inanely smiled. "Name's Eris." she said as she held out her palm across her chest. The foreigner looked back at her and replied, 

"Morgana." Their palms collided and tightly gripped together as their blood bonded in their hands.

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