Battle Begin!

Two fighters will be pitted against one another, in showdowns that will leave them all scarred, in one way or another. Some more than others... But these fighters are not your average brawlers, but skilled warriors going head-to-head in a battle to survive. But yet all of them are deceived... Let the Battle Begin.


5. Out of the Frying Pan

In the darkest and smallest house, where the concrete lay in rubble, sat a tiny campfire in the dead of night on a tiled floor. The girl sat by the fire, gnawing on some cooked bones for the last shreds of meat. Corpses lay all around her in the living room, the kitchen and up the stairs. Hiding themselves in the lowest corner they could slumber, bagging all the loot they could and bringing misery to anyone they found. Now, they lay dead with their throats split and their bellies cut. The girl had taken all that they once owned as she sat victoriously in their abode. But predators must defend their prey from scavengers. She paused instantly as the thunder of a broken down door echoed. She dropped her meal and unsheathed her daggers at her hips, racing to the door to be ready for the invasion. 

A boy, bow with arrow at the ready, stalked as his eyes darted all around the house. The flickering orange light of a fire attracted his attention as he strolled through the hallway. He drew back his string as he came round a corner of the kitchen, waiting to let fly at anyone who was making themselves comfortable. Yet no one was in the kitchen, just a lone campfire burning slowly, with corpses dotted around it and he put the bow back to neutral. But he felt a point gently press against his back. 

"Leave. You have no business here." the girl growled. The boy didn't move too hastily, knowing a foot out of place would have his spine slashed open like a zip. 

"Well that's up for debate." he sneered. "I've been wanting to breach this house for many days now, and you were my opportunity. You've done all of my work for me." he twisted his body around with quick steps, rather than being out of place. The two faced each other on opposite side of the rooms, glaring at one another. The lioness and the hyena. 

"You going kill a girl who managed to kill all these men, all by yourself?" she taunted, scraping her knives together in her hands. She fiddled them around in her fingers and palms with precise dexterity, glaring deep into his eyes. "Bow and arrow won't do you much good in here." 

"You underestimate me, girl. All I need is one good arrow stuck in your heart." he grinned, and let his arrow loose with a lightning draw and aim. The arrow missed its mark fractionally, and the girl saw her chance to charge. Her daggers will agile to thrust and slice at the boy, but he blocked with his bow. He slid around her and put the string of his bow at neck and tugged. The cord dented her skin as he pulled at her throat, choking her life away. It was like the thinnest knife at her throat that constricted and cut her. 

She flung her knife backwards in her palm and stabbed behind her, sticking the blade into his hip bone. The boy wailed like a wolf, tripping her up at the knees and bolting it out of the living room entrance. Prone on her back, she picked herself up and ran after him through the door. She turned the corner to the corridor around the door frame, and a drawn bow waited for her. Her heart jumped into her throat and she darted back round the door as the arrow whistled and flew inches away from her hair. She panted and huffed in the adrenaline rush, sweat pouring down her face. But the walls were only paper thin as an arrow burst through it next top her head. One more arrow, and she'd be punctured with an arrow through her chest. 
Peeping around the corner, she roared as she tossed her dagger at where he stood. The boy was as quick as she was, too sidestepping behind the wall. The girl unsheathed another dagger from her belt, and the boy drew another arrow from his quiver. The two were at a stalemate. If either one turned the corner, the other would stick them. But the girl took the risk. A plan was brewing in her head, and it was simple to execute. She dolphin dived from the corner, the boy drawing string but missed in her quick speed. The girl ran down the corridor, heading to the kitchen where the light still flickered. He missed a fourth time down the narrow straight as she darted round the corner. 
She looked down at the campfire that was still lit, and waited behind it. He had to have followed her. Sure enough, he came around the corner. The exchanged successful hits. His appearance from around the corner made him put an arrow through her shoulder as she wailed in pain. But she pulled off her plan, kicking the seething embers at him and fatally burning his skin. The both hissed with agony at each other, but they had to act quickly at the events to come. 

The embers she had kicked caught upon the thin, frail walls. They took flame almost instantly, and the house began to burn like a wildfire. The girl growled and knew now, that it was do or die. She lashed out at the boy, who stalled his time to block each attack. His burns kept getting worse as she kicked him into the flames, yet he did not catch alight. The smoke started to gather in the house, the two of them choked on the haze, and their visions became impaired from lack of oxygen. But the girl was becoming ever more weak, and quickly as well. The blood loss created a black hole of fatigue in her head, and the smoke sapped out her life essence. She leant against the wall, spluttering as she kept a fist infront of her mouth. The smog grew thicker and thicker, and the supports holding up the very body of the house began to crumble, snap and crack. 
She slid down the side of the wall, uncontrollably hacking up her lungs as she looked to the boy. The boy himself gazed at her back, wondering to save the girl or not. His thoughts conflicted with his morals, his lust for loot bickered with his rational thought.

"Please..." she choked with little wind left in her. But he turned away... The boy walked out of the door of the building as the girl scowled at him with foul intent, coughing violently on the inside of her arm. Making it out onto the street, the boy turned to see the ashen cloud arise into the clear night sky. The flames were so bright that they made his eyes wince. He strolled slowly onward to find water, his throat dry and burns that needed to be cooled.

As the building burned and caved in on itself slowly with tremendous cracking sounds, the fires were raging onward. But of the front door, blooming with fire, the girl limped out. Vengeance was on her mind. Vindication was fresh from her scars. Breathing the cool, clean air again, she had a score to settle. Either she was to die trying, or revenge was to be taken rightfully.

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