Rising sun


3. 0.1 // Chapter 1



The boy lay there silently. He did not move, his body was still. If the doctors around him did not know better, they would have believed he was dead, lost forever. 

But he was not. There was a chance for him. 
One of the doctors turned the boy on the side as another one found a knife. He moved it towards the boy's neck, pushing it in.

The knife went deep in, cutting her neck up. Blood started pouring out of it, but not too much for him to die from the blood loss. 

A brunette walked into the room, carefully holding a silver box in her arms. Her brown eyes scanned the room quickly, stopping a bit as she saw the limp body. "Is this the host?" she asks quietly. 

One of the men nodded, smiling slightly at her. The girl started walking again, this time more carefully. She could risk too lose the box now, not as it were so close to feel the wonders of the earth. 

She handed it carefully over to one of the three doctors. He held it as it was a treasure that could break any minute before he put it down on the table besides the boy. 

They opened the box carefully and a small light shone out of it. 

The girl stretched her neck too see better. She wanted to see a soul for the first time. The doctors took it out of the box, every move was slow. The little soul shone brightly in the doctors hand, gleaming up the room. The brunette's eyes shone in awe. She had only been told what the soul really looked like, but she had never believed them. Now, as she stood in front of one, she understood why no one could describe it to her. It was too beautiful for any words. 

The soul moved on the doctors hand, and he brought it down towards the wound in the boy's neck. The girl could not see what happened on the other side of the table, but she understood the the soul moved into the host's neck, taking control over it. 

The boy were turned back over after they sprayed the healing spry over the wound, closing it without leaving any scar. The boy there lied there without any sign of movement. "Will the soul be able to live in this host?" the girl suddenly asked concerned, afraid that this host were long gone. "We'll see," was the answer she got, and she stood in the room for a little longer. 

The boy suddenly took a deep breath, the group of doctors sighted in relief, there were a possibility this boy was lost before the even found him. 

The boy continued breathing, but showed no other sign of life. "You need to leave now," one of the doctors told the girl. She stared wide eyed on him. "But I just -" she started but the man in front of her cut her off with him. "We'll call you when he wakes up." 

The girl sighted, but she was happy they would call in her. She had never witnessed someone wake up before, but coming later would not make any different anyway. 

She opened the door slowly, and glanced back one last time before it closed behind her. 
The boy did not make any other sign of movement for a while. At least he were breathing. It was a beginning, and the doctors knew he would wake up sooner or later. His host had just been hurt badly before it got here. 


The hole night passed without nothing happening. The doctor were starting to loose hope, believing this host weren't able to live after all. They had called for someone to take the host away. 

Just before they were able to take the soul out of the host's body, his eyes fluttered open, and a circle of light formed around the host's pupils, signalling the soul were taken, taken by them.

The boy cleared his throat, the host instincts becoming his. "Where am I?" he asked with a raspy voice. "You are in the hospital," answered one of the doctors, "you have comes a long way."

The boy just nodded as an answer. The man in front of him was right, he had traveled for centuries, not even stopping. Not once. "What do you want to be called, traveler?" asked a new woman as she walked into the room. Her red hair were hanging loose around her shoulders, but her eyes were hoarse and threatening. "I don't know," the boy answers, his green eyes met hers, "what about 'leave or die". Your eyes makes it really clear I'm not welcome here." 

The woman ignored him, but the boy knew she hear what he said. "We'll figure out the name part later," she concluded, knowing the boy were not willing to listen to her right now, "instead you can take fully control over you host, take his memories and use them as you own. What do you see?" 

The boy closed his eyes, but opened them quickly again. He did not want to listen to this woman, he did not like her. "I can see a red headed bitch," he answered. The woman scoffed. "Very well then. You are free to go," the woman said before she leaved the room.

​The boy were not slow with getting up after she left, she jumped on his feet and headed for the door. Even though he had just taken control over his host, everything came easy to him. It was like that, no matter were they were. It only took a few seconds for him to learn how their hosts worked, and how to take fully control over them without failing. 

The doctors protested, but the boys hard look told them he were going to get out of that room. They had all learned the same, peace is everything, but the boy did not belive that. There could not be peace without fight, and none of these hosts were volunteers. Deep down in the boys mind, he knew they were taken by force or killed so his species could live. He never liked that, but it was the only way he could survive. It had been like that for decades, and he knew it would not change anytime soon. 

The light shone brightly at the white walls and almost blended the boy. He just kept walking through the white walls, trying too look as the best as he could, even though he had no idea were he was going. The boy just knew he had to get out of that hospital. He was restless, the hosts clearly wasn't sitting still for that long while the human had fully control. 

The fresh air blew in the boys brown hair as he got outside, he took a deep breath, tasting the fresh oxygen for the first time. The world outside were nothing like he had ever witnessed before. It was colors he had never seen before, humans all around him. Some were walking with animals while other were just roaming the streets or driving in cars. The boy stared in awe at everything in front of him. 

"You're that new guy, aren't you?" a voice asked from behind him, and he looked over his shoulders, meeting a girls eyes. She were smiling at him. The boy did not care to answer, she already knew the answer. "I didn't think they would let you out this early," she stated, "it takes time for everyone to process the new information."

"They didn't let me out," he answered quickly, "I left." She just nodded, clearly not shocked. "Do you need help with anything? i can show you around," she offered. "The boy smiled at her. "Thank you," he answered. 

"I'm Kaya," she told him as they walked along the road. "I'm myself," the boy answered, staring at species known as dogs. "They didn't give you a name?" she asked shocked. "I left before they could do that," he joked, even though it did hurt a little. Everyone here were defined by a name, he were the only one without one. 

They walked in silence for a long time. Kaya pointed out a few things he needed to remember, but that was all. "Do you know where to go?" the girl suddenly asked him. "No," ha answered slowly. "Then you'll stay with me," Kaya concluded before picking up the pace, "This way."

The boy could not do anything but to follow her like a lost puppy. He did feel like one, she had been here for a long time, while he had no idea with way to get back to the hospital. The girl walked up to a big house and unlocked the door, She went inside and turned on all of the lights. The boy glanced around him. The house were small but nice. 

"Are you okay with sleeping on the sofa?" she asked, and the boy just nodded. He guessed he would be okay, the only thing that felt weird was the feeling of coming back to something familiar. He shrugged the feeling of, and after Kaya returned with a blanket and a pillow, he lied down. Even though he woke up long ago, he fell asleep, feeling exhausted. 

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