This story is about you. Yes you! You're 20 years old, you may have an extremely famous boyfriend, you model for the highest people... The rest is for you to find out!


4. Unexpected Trips



Should i tell Cameron about Justin? I mean me and Cameron weren't dating were we?

My phone rang. I picked it up. "Hello, may i talk to miss (Y/N)


"You were the main contact in Mr Justin Bieber's phone. He's currently in Ward fifteen at ......" And as he continued my heart sank. I couldn't concentrate as soon as he mentioned the words 'suicidal act'.


Immediately i left and within 5 minutes i reached his Hospital ward. "WHERE IS HE? WHERE'S JUSTIN?!" I scream with tears in my eyes. A kind doctor leads me to him. He's lying down peacefully both eyes closed completely with tubes attached to his arms. I collapse in the chair next to him and put my hand in his. 

"I read somewhere that by talking out your emotions you will feel relieved," I start, "But I don't think thats the case." 





Im awoken to the voice of what sounds like an angel. She was crying though, with a tight grip on my hand. As I open my eyes I notice it's (Y/N) with her head lowered talking slowly but crying uncontrollably. 

"Babe. Babe I'm okay." I say in my sleepy voice whilst gripping her hand even tighter.


I interrupt her and grab her head with both my hands and kiss her. It wasn't a usual 'I've missed you' kiss. It was passionate. It was a 'I'm sorry' and a 'I don't know what my life is without u' type of kiss. And I'm pretty sure it lasted for a good few minutes. A short while after we finished kissing, Selena walked in with a baby.

"We were so worried! Weren't we Jenna!" Selena walks towards me handing me my baby. "Hope your okay (Y/N) I have this under control now you can go. Thanks for your help." 

A tear rolls down my face as she leaves. "Selena. Stop worrying about me. I don't need you to. Thanks for bringing Jenna but you don't have to be in the room."

With that, she left the room. and I thought id have a word with my little princess.

"You're a girl. So you tell me what I need to do to fix a heart i accidentally broke. Believe me Jenna it was an accident. The thing is. Your mummy is like a witch. She casts temporary spells that ware off. But this girl. Damn. She's like an angel. Everything she does. She does right. In fact. Maybe i don't deserve her. Yeah. I'll leave her alone for a bit. Thanks Jenna. Your a great therapist." Then she did this cute smile/ smirk which made me smile. 


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