The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


15. Welcome to Stark Tower

 The next afternoon Fury called Emily, asking her to be at the Stark Tower the next morning, the would be moving Loki later in the day.
 She started packing her clothes and some small personal things, wondering for how long she would have to stay there ? Would it be possible to make Loki to cooperate ? And could they stop the approaching evil ?
 When she came into the lobby of the tower the next day she got handed a key card and was told to take the back red and yellow elevator, it was the one for the private floors.
 The elevator door opened with at pling and a soothing electronic voice said. "Welcome to Stark Tower Emily, we are happy to have you here, I am Jarvis".
 "Uh thanks Jarvis". She looked around, it feelt a little creepy with the bodyless voice.
 Tony Stark showed up, walking towards her. "Welcome Emily, you will get used to Jarvis".
 "Hey Tony, I hope so, that voice creeps me out a little, I feel that I am watched". She smiled a little unsure.
 Tony grinned. "You are actually watched almost everywhere here, so you have to get used to that as well, but as long as nothing gets Jarvis attention, no one will ever see it".
 "Well nice to know that Jarvis isn't just a creepy voice, but also a full fledged stalker". She said, making Tony laugh.
 He showed her into a quite big bedroom. "This is were you will stay, I hope you are okay to sleep in the same room as him, there are of course safety measures, but I prefer if someone has an eye on him all the time".
 "Which measures is that ?" She looked around, there was a bed at the back of the room, and one just by the door, she put her bag on the one by the door.
 Tony wrote something on the computer on the corner table and an image was projected into the air, it looked like a wide metal bracelet.
 Tony pointed and explained. "This is an armcuff, it works like the cell did, he can't use his magic and tricks while wearing this, and itnis only removable by fingerprint recognition".
 "And who can remove it ?" She looked at the image, would that work ? Was that really enough to contain Lokis powers ?
 Tony sent her a knowing smirk. "I can remove it, of course and Dury can remove it, and the you, you can remove it. You remove it by holding around it, so it can read your prints, then it makes a bip and if you keep your hand on it, it will open".
 "Why me ? Why giving me the possibility to unleash him ? You trust that he can't corrupt me or trick me into removing it ?" She watched him questioningly.
 Tony grinned and walked toward the door. "No I trust no one, but I take my chances, you are the one who will be with him the most, you need to be able to remove it, if the need arises, but only as a last option".
 He left the room, leaving her to do her unpacking in peace, when she had put her clothes in her closet, she peaked into his, his clothes was already there.
 She went out of the room, to take a look at the apartment, while waiting for Loki to arrive, it would be nice to know where everything was.
 She walked around for a little more than an hour, looking at all the weird stuff on display, not daring to touch any of it.
 Then a thunderous boom sounded and a soft thumb, she looked out on the big balcony, and there was Thor, one hand one Lokis shoulder, Tony suddenly appeared next to her.
 "Well seems like our new room mate has arrived, let's go say hallo". He said with a grin and opened the glass door.

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