The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


21. Trust from Tony

 "Loki what is happening ? Loki ?" Emily threw herself down onto her knees next to him, his eyes had rolled back into,his head and he was deadly pale.
 When she put her hand on his cheek she could feel him burning up, like he was running an impossible high fever, this must have been what Sigyn feared would happen.
 The door was thrown open and Tony stalked in, he looked just a bit angry. "What the hell is going on ? Where have the two of you been ?"
 "Please help him Tony, I think he might be dying". Emily could hear the panic in her own voise as she looked pleadingly up at Tony, but she didn't like how shallow his breathing was or how hot his skin was.
 Tony looked at her, then he glanced at Loki and rolled his eyes. "You two are going to be the dead of me, Jarvis please ask Bruce to get here right away, he should be in the lab, we need his medical expertise".
 Emily was holding Lokis hand, whispering reassuring words, as they waited for Bruce, Tony was leaning on the door frame, for once quiet.
 "Who is in the need of a doctor ?" Bruce Banner showed up in the door, his hair was sticking out i all directions, his glasses slightly eschew, sounding like he had run there.
 Emily looked up at him, hoping he knew how to help Loki. "It is Loki, I think he depleted his magic, he is burning up".
 "Tony lets get him up on the bed, and I take a look at him, even though goods are not exactly my expertise". He looked at Tony who nodded.
 They managed to get Loki liftet up on the bed, Tony dried of his forehead, panting a bit. "Shit he is quite a lot heavier than he looks".
 "Uh how on earth does this thing work ? I need to get it of to examine him properly". Bruce was trying to figure out how to remove Lokis complex leather tunic.
 Emily sighed and went to the bed, she looked the garment over for a moment, then opened the right buckles and belts, opening it and exposing his sculpted chest.
 "Well someone might have thought about opening that before". Tony said teasingly with one eyebrow liftet.
 She snapped around, glaring at him, her voice acidic. "Shut the fuck up Tony or by God I will slap that silly grin of your face".
 Tony held his hands up i surrender still grinning and she heard Bruce chuckle from the bedside.
 "Emily if you will please come with me to the kitchen ? I like to talk to you for a moment". Tony was suddenly very serious.
 She looked over her shoulder at Loki, Bruce was examining him closely. "I don't know Tony, I am not sure I should leave him".
 "Bruce can handle lover boy alone for a couple of minutes, and I don't think he is running anywhere just about now". Tony said and she rolled her eyes but fallowed him out.
 In the kitchen Tony put a cup of tea in front of her. "Well now tell me why I shouldn't call Fury and get Rock of ages in there thrown into a dungeon with no key ?"
 "So you haven't told Fury ? No one else knows we have been gone ?" She looked at him with surprice.
 He nodded, looking like he didn't really believed it himself. "Nah, would have been a bit embarrassing for me, and for some reason I kind of believed him".
 "Thank you Tony, maybe you are not so bad after all". She said grinning at him, taking a sip of her tea.
 He shrugged. "I just couldn't take the chance and stop him if he told the truth about him being the only one able to help you, but know tell me what really happened".
 "I don't really know what happened, I woke up because he had some kind of bad dream, but then he awoke and he wasn't Loki, his eyes were ice blue, he grabbed me by the neck and threw me through the room". She gasped at the memory.
 Tony nodded slowly and she went on. "Something inside me broke, I could feel it, I was dying, I begged him to fight whatever whatever it was, and then suddenly he was back, pleading me to free him somhe could save me".
 "And you just trusted him to really help you ? You must have as you decided to free him". Tony looked at her for an answer.
 She shook her head. "Not at all, I actually freed him, expecting him to run, but I didn't want to see him punished for my dead, as it wasn't his fault".
 "Your are a very forgiving woman, has anyone told you that ? Where did he take you ?" Tony didn't look angry.
 She sighed. "He took me to Asgaard, it was a cottage, there was a woman there Sigyn and two little boys, I don't know much about what happened there, I was sleeping mostly".
 Tony whispered something under his breath, it sounded something like 'Smooth Loki, even for me that would be a stretch', then he said out loud. "But you decided to come back ?"
 "Loki suddenly showed up saying we had to leave, we had been found, Sigyn told him he wasn't ready, and she was right". She just hoped henwas going to be okay.
 Tony got up. "Well I am just happy you didn't put my trust to shame and that you are back on your feet, lets go see what Bruce have found out".

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