The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


24. Topless vilians and scambled eggs

 No matter how much she hated it, she had to get a hold of Tony and tell him, they needed to find Loki. "Jarvis, where is Tony ?"
 "Tony isn't in the building, should I call him formyou Emily ?" Jarvis electronic voice sounds.
 She isn't entirely sure, he might be in a meeting or something. "What about Dr Banner is he around ?"
 "Dr Banner is in the laboratory, do you also need me to tell you were Loki is ?" Jarvis voice ask.
 What ? She shakes her head. "Where Loki is ? Is Loki still in the building ? Isn't he gone ?"
 "No, Loki hasn't disappeared, he is in the kitchen". Jarvis answers and she is already out the door.
 Emily comes charging into the kitchen to find Loki rummaging through the fridge, he looks up. "Well hello, why in such a hurry".
 " Arg for fucks sake Loki, I thought who had run and then you are just in the freaking kitchen, couldn't you just have walked ?" She looks annoyed at him.
 He just smiles and turs to look through the fridge again. "Yeah were else should I be ? I am hungry, and why walk when that was so much more fun ?"
 Emily don't know what to say, so she just ends up staring at him, he is still only wearing his leather pants, and they are distractingly tight on his sexy ass , when he is bend over looking in the fridge.
 She kicks herself mentally, she is not supposed to oogle his ass for Gods sake. "What are you doing Loki ? And shouldn't you put som clothes on ? Like a shirt".
 "I am trying to find some food, and no why should I ? I am still a bit hot". He looks up at her.
 More than a bit, she thinks, then rolls her eyes, she walks over and puts a hand on his chest, pushing him away. "Sit down, I get you some".
 Emily finds eggs, bacon and sausages and brings it to the stove and starts on breakfast, Loki sits down on a chair, his eyes following her.
 She puts some bread in the toaster and puts water over for tea, then she asks over her shoulder. "So feeling better ?"
 "Well yes, actually I am feeling very good right now". His face lights up in a smile, a genuine smile, something she hadn't seen very often and she hates to ruin it.
 She is focussing on the food and then says. "Soo I was reading this book Tony had, Sigyn she is your wife right ?"
 "That would be a yes and a no, things in Asgaard isn't quite the same as here, I guess she is my wife, but we haven't lived liked man and wife for a couple of centuries". He says calmly.
 She blinks confused. "Uhh a couple of centuries ? But I thought Narvi and Vale was yours, they certainly looks like you".
 "And they are, time goes different in Asgaard, and we are ageing a lot slower than humans". He still seems to be in a good mood, and she is happy that he is villing to answer.
 She puts a cup of tea in front of him and then a plate of food, she made dåsome for herself as well. "Okay, now you are so nice to answer my questions, could you please explain how you become the father of a big wolf, a giant serpent and oh yeah a goddess of death ?"
 "It is not easily explaned, not all offsprings come from a uhh sexual connection, as I said, a little hard to explain". He shrugs slightly.
 She takes a bite of her food and looks thoughtful. "Then what about the horse ? It says that you are the mother of Odins horse, that doesn't make sense at all".
 Loki almost chokes on his tea and looks at her grinning widely. "See that is actually kind of a funny story, but I think we might want to wait with that for some other time".
 Emily let it be, she wasn't sure she even wanted to know that story, maybe some things were better forgotten.
 They atefor some time in silence, suddenly Tony walked in, he stopped looking at them. "Uhh Emily care to explain why there is a half naked intergallactic villain eating scrambled eggs in my kitchen ?"
 "Well Tony, because he happened to be hungry and I can't get him to put clothes on, believe me I would prefer he put some on". She says dryly.
 Tony grins and shakes his head, then goes to get a cup of coffee. "So I guess he is already feeling a lot better".
 "Yes thank you tin man, I am quite good actually, and so are my hearing, so I can easily hear you talk over my head". Loki said coldly.
 Tony stares at him and then starts laughing. "What the hell reindeer games, you do have a sense of humour".

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