The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


9. Thor the God of bad news

 The next week went by without any problems, she spendt most of her time at work playing chess with Loki, she hadn't won once yet.
 She enjoyed their conversations, he was intelligent and articulated, okay sometimes he was prone to bit of megalomania, and he was mischievous and an incurable flirt, but she felt he was starting to open up.
 He would sometimes get a far of stare on his face, and he would say something that often didn't really made sence to her, but she thought they had build some kind of mutual trust.
 She was coming in for another shift, when she saw Thor coming out the elevator. He had been down to see Loki, and she was wondering if that was good or bad.
 "Good morning my lady". Thor nodded, a friendly smile on his face as he walked by her, she got a sudden urge to curtsy, but she just nodded back saing. "Morning".
 She went to the surveillance room, and put her book on the table, then she went to get the breakfast and went down to the cell.
 As soon as she entered she knew something was not right, it felt like the air in the room was electric, Loki was standing by the wall, his back to her. She nervously put down the tray.
 There was an odd illusion, kind of like the air was bending around him, it made her uneasy.
 She looked at him, his head was bend and his shoulders slightly shaking, she even thought she heard quiet sobs. "Loki, whats wrong ?"
 "Nothing.. Nothing is wrong. Please just go away". Loki turned around, his face so beautiful and sad it hurt physically to look at him, he was obviously crying.
 "But you are crying, what happened ? Is there anything I can do ?" She took a couple of steps closer to him, feeling an sudden urge to hold him.
 His face hardened, his eyes fillede with contempt. "Just shut up you insolent wench, I told you to leave, now go or trust my rage".
 "Like it's my fault Thor got your knickers in a twist". Emily knew straight away she just crossed the line, why would she just blurt out her mind without thinking.
 Lokis whole body stiffened, his jaw tightening and he hissed through gritted teeth. "How dare you talk to me like that you mewling quim, I am a God and you should kneel to me".
 Emily stepped back, now actually frightened, but she didn't even get to think about running, he closed the gap in two big strides, gribbing her by her neck lifting her of the ground.
 "Please Loki, let me go". She was gasping for air, already seing black spots, clawing desperately at his hands to absolutely no extent.
 His eye as glowing with madness and he starte to laugh, her lungs were screaming for air, she felt her life slip away and she knew she were going to die, right here in this cell.
 Right before everything went black, she heard a big bang and a thunderous voice roaring. "Let her go Loki, right this instance".

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