The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


1. Prologue


It was Emilys first day in her new job, or truely the job wasn't new, she had worked for SHIELD for 5 years now, but she was starting on a new work team taking care of the recently arrived high security prisoner.
 Nick Fury himself had asked her if she was interested in the asignment, to be honest she didn't want to, the prisoner scared her, but it was a promotion and a lot more exiting than her desk job, and she had accepted.
 It was her first shift, for the next 12 hours he was her responsibilaty, not by herself of course, there would be guards, lots of guards, but she was the only one with permission to enter the cell.
 Her first asignment was to bring him breakfast, she picked up the tray and walked toward the elevator, her heart racing. The 2 guards standing by the elevator door nodded, and she meekly said. "Good morning".
 She walked in to the highteck elevator, there were no buttons only an eye scanner on the wall, she looked in to it, the scanner blinked and the elevator started to go down.
 How could a brand new elevator move so dahm slow ? It had to be her mind playing tricks on her.
 It feelt like it went down forever, when the doors finally opend with i ding and she stepped out another 2 guards nodded at her. She walked slowly down the corridor towards the first of two doubble doors, both doors had an eye scanner and 2 guards protecting it.
 As she got clooser to the cell, her stomach started to churn, not unlike butterflies, but in a non good way, she had never seen him for real before, only on tv, but what she had been told scared her.
 It feelt like the feet upon feet of earth and concrete on to of her was pressing down on her, like she couldn't breathe properly.
 When the last door closed behind her, she found herself on a legde, she took a deep breathe, looking at the suspended glass cell 65 feet away. She approached yet another scanner. A walking bridge shoot out in front of her.
 She walked slowly forward, thinking about how he would be ? If he would talk to her ? Would he recognise her presence at all ? She knew the cell was constructed by Tony Stark and Dr. Banner, and that it should make him save to be around, but she couldn't help being a little nervous.
 She reached the airlock and stopped to take a last relaxing breath, before she used the scanner to open the outer door. She entered, the door behind her closed and the one in front of her opened.
 She entered the cell precociously, it look like an ordinary room on the inside, with a small table, 2 chairs, a couch, a tv and a large bed. 
 She couldn't see him anywhere. Her woice sounded high in the silent room. "Godmorning, I brought you breakfast".
 She put the tray down on the table, that was when she saw him for the first time, he sat on the floor, his back against the wall, long legs bent and his arms resting protectively around his knees. 
 She hadn't known what to expect, something scary, a monster, a psychopath maybe, something not entirely human for sure.
 But she had not expected that, he looked like an ordinary man, in jeans and a white T-shirt.
 Emily feelt a little lost, she didn't really know what to do,should she just leave or should she ask if he needed anything ?
 His long dark hair had fallen down like a courtain in front of his face, but suddenly his head snapped up and his intense green eyes locked into hers. "You can leave now, thank you".
 She felt a chill down her spine, so that was what he looked like, the new prisonor, Loki the evil brother of Thor.

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